Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cat's Out Of The Bag

The incredibly stunning Catherine McNeil was dressed to the hilt in '50s gear ON MY ROOF and I missed it. On hearing of the shoot, I vaguely recall making a passing comment along the lines of "Australian Vogue sucks balls" or something of equal eloquence. Never did I think to ask who the model might be or hell, I dunno, LOOK OUT THE WINDOW. Yep, I'm heartbroken alright.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Bed of Roses

GUESS WHAT? Two weeks from today, get your night vision on my arse and you will find me asleep, on a BED. For reals. A bed. Like, with slats. And a headboard. And a real mattress, with springs that don't jut into my back. What is a bare necessity for most, has been missing from my life for three whole frickin' years, my current sleeping system being a poor imitation of a bed - twenty-something crates tied together with bits of string and a rock hard, lumpy and stained mattress. The reason I'm finally getting my arse in gear and my back in line is because in two weeks I am moving out of the warehouse I share with four others and into an old coach house with just one other - Bobby. It's almost as though I'm growing up (hah! Almost.) AND I'M JUST AN TEENY BIT EXCITED. I really, really am. I truly will miss Hibernian House however, and I'm not saying good bye to it just yet. But thanks to the ever talented Xiaohan Shen, I now have the perfect keepsake to take with me. Xiaohan dropped by a few weeks ago armed with a camera and a whole lotta patience as I ran around changing outfits more often than Lady Gaga in heat.

You can find the whole feature on her website here.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Too Busy

This neighborhood's for the artists,
So how come I don't see any art?
This neighborhood's for the smartest,
They wouldn't pay so much if they were so smart.
I'm so BUSY,
I'm so BUSY man,
At Art Land.

- Art Land, Jeffrey Lewis
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