Monday, June 29, 2009

A Very Merry Unbirthday To You

We ate, we drunk and we got all merry Alice in Wonderland style on Saturday when we went down to the local park for a picnic. I think it's safe to say it was a happy unbirthday for all involved. Yes, I know what you're thinking: Isn't having an unbirthday a tad self indulgent? Perhaps. But when it involves a super duper picnic party (or anything involving rhyme AND alliteration) who really cares?

So, not everyone came (who doesn't come to their OWN unbirthday? Silly billies.) And I, as is the case regularly these days, camoflaged with my surroundings so to be honest I can't even be sure if I was there. But I did, to make up for the absences, make a couscous salad and fairy bread. The latter, apparently, not a normality over this side of the globe. Basically, it's white bread made yum with the help of hundreds and thousands (and fairies of course). The sun shone and I drunk like, three bottles of Diet Coke. Do I have an addiction? Well, it's not really my place to say, is it? But try calling an intervention and I'll tie myself to a tree/go on a hunger strike/all of the above.

Shirt: Boyfriend's (originally from a charity shop in Sydney)
Denim shorts: I hacked the legs off an old pair of the boyfriend's jeans
Neck tie: Lace from C&H Fabrics
Sunnies: From an Eastbourne charity shop for 50pence

There were chips, dips, ice cream and a kite machine. Needless to say, our tummy boxes got well full.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Those Old Black And White Movies Were True

Berlin was home to the popping of my photobooth cherry. If I didn't know better, I'd be willing to bet my cottage cheese bottom that those strange techno-sound-tracked nights were years ago. In fact, a mere few days have passed. This 'Oh that? That was so fucking long ago now' attitude might very well be simply due to the desaturated images sitting in front of me; black and white media often has that effect on me (yes, I'm really that gullible/stupid.) Or it could just be my bad memory. I do know that it certianly isn't because a world of things have happened since Berlin; in the past two days, I have left the house once, to watch my friend Gary Page play a gig. I drank two pints of Diet Coke. I had to pee in the night. I think I may have gone in a shoe as Bobby woke up to me walking suspiciously around the other end of the room. Who knows? Like I said, my memory's bad.

So, our first attempt at photoboothing was less than perfect (who knew the darn old thing starts flashing away the moment you put the coin in?) Bit of a disaster really. We ran out of money and so had to go back the next day. All the same, it was gritty and a wholesome yesteryear funtage (like montage but not). Yep, it was pretty much the best bit of the entire month/holiday/my life. Also, I'm pretty sure for at least three seconds there I was Layla from Buffalo 66. Just spanning time.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Baby's Coming Back Home.

Actually, baby IS back home. 'Erm... Why are you referring to yourself as baby?', you might ask. Well, Baby Spice's real name is Emma and MY name is Emma and you see the connection? I think the more important question is why am I referring to myself in third person. And, my friend, you've missed your chance to ask that.

Back to the pressing point of this post, I'M BACK IN ENGLAND AFTER MY THREE WEEK TRIP AROUND GERMANY AND SPAIN. Did that deserve capitals? Ryanair and their £2 flights would probably argue no. Me and my Australianism however, say YES YES YES (or rather, oi oi oi). I'm yet to upload my photos onto the big old computer but once I do, I'll be posting away (read: one or maybe possibly two posts).

Right now, I have more important things to do, like work on my pattern for a dress for a wedding we're going to in August. I picked up some super super cheap fabric at a Turkish market in Berlin. It's all light blue and yummy. Thus far all I have a few quick sketches and dreams of scallopping, netting, billowing, a bare shoulder or two and ribbon.

To be honest, the whole concept changes every hour or so. If, come August, all I have is a mess of material to show for myself, don't be surprised if all you find is photos of me floating around in a rubbish bag.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cut Your Hair

I thought I'd better quickly post these photos of my new haircut and colour before I go to Germany and get all Germanified because it's an awesome haircut and Mahogany are amazing. Because if I don't post photos now, I'll get back with my hair all fantastically fluffy/dreadlocked from lack of washing and combing/permed and then you'll be like, "I thought you got your hair done by professionals" and I'll be all, "Do you really think a professional would make my hair look like this?" And then you'll blame Mahogany. And I wouldn't want that because they're, like, the best salon in Sydney. I'd say London too but, to be honest, it's the only salon I've ever been to in London so I'm probably a bit biased. But basically, Edward Scissorhands has nothing on them.

A little Mia Farrow and a little floppy-fringed-indie-boy, don't you think?

P.S. Edward Scissorhands is one of my favourite movies ever and Edward, if you're listening, I didn't really mean that thing I said about them being better than you because no one could cut hair like you and marry me please.

99 Luftballons

Tomorrow, I meet Spain. I'm staying in Santander, right by the beach. We'll only have a short time to get acquainted though, just three or four days, before I fly off to say a big 'Hallo!' to Germany. A week in Frankfurt followed by a week and a bit in Berlin. If any of you lovely folks have any recommendations of things to see or places to go that you'd like to share, or know of any cool (non-techno) nights, leave a comment or send me an email. I do love a good email.

So, there we have it, unless I come across the internet for more than a fleeting minute here and there during our adventures, I won't post until we get back. Tschuss!


P.S. If I come back with a perm, you know who to blame. More likely however, is that I'll just overdose on '80s clothes. In the words of badmongo0 (a commenter on the 99 Luftballons video on Youtube), "The '80s were the shit." Well said, badmongoo, well said.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Bugs and Flowers

As per Nina's request, I took some more photos of my new little picture maker. Since my last post, I've looked a little more into getting film for it but as far as I can gather it only takes this kind. No longer in production, and quite expensive to get developed, getting film might be more trouble than it's worth. Oh well, I predicted as much when I handed over 50pence for it at the charity shop. I think the camera is quite content sitting on my drawers and playing in amongst the ladybugs and flowers for now.

On a similar note (camera, photography, models, hair modelling, hair cutting. You see my train of thought?), I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow afternoon at Mahogany in London. I'm thinking a colour change might be in order. Any suggestions? I'm thinking green. If only so I can camouflage in the lush grass. I may or may not be wearing monochrome green right now for that exact reason.
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