Saturday, October 9, 2010

Revenge of the Nerds

Fellow Sydney-siders are invited to join us this Monday evening at 5A Wilshire Street in Surry Hills to watch the eighties comedy classic REVENGE OF THE NERDS. Doors open at 7pm for the film's viewing at 8pm sharp (don't be late!) Entry by gold coin donation. Bring your own drinks, snacks and cushion(s). We'll supply the giant projector screen, awesome film and great company.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Talk of the Town

Back at Hibernian House when we used to hold vintage sales monthly, rather than weekly, I used to get rather bored. I'd sit and twiddle my thumbs for the better part of the month, stocked up and ready to go without a sale in near sight. I wouldn't blog or be otherwise creative, I'd just mope around resisting the temptation to go out treasure hunting for new stock. For me, by far the most exciting thing about having moved is that we can now hold vintage sales as regularly as we like (meaning I also get to treasure hunt as regularly as I like). And so we're now officially open every single weekend, Saturday and Sunday. I've included below a little interview I did on the subject of my new *gulp* shop with Sydney's coolest culture guide Two Thousand.

Contrary to popular belief 'Dear Pluto' isn't an advice column for grounded space men but a warehouse of teen dreams and second hand seams, curated by ex-Hibernian House kids Emma Daniels and Bobby Townsend. Emma tells us more.

What is the meaning of the name?
Basically, we chose it because we like the concept of Pluto being an outsider, an Enid Coleslaw or Margot Tenenbaum type character, and wanted to dedicate our shop to the beautiful loser.

What do you look for in an item of clothing?

The first thing is the condition - heartbreakingly, we've had to turn down so many beautiful pieces due to a small stain or hole in the lining. We choose pieces less based on their colour, style or material, and more on their personality. It really comes down to whichever film/friend/fmusician is my muse at the time (e.g. Madonna circa Desperately Seeking Susan). My partner's also got an amazing talent for finding ladies shoes that was - up until a few weeks ago - completely undiscovered. Our customers are lucky I have abnormally large feet (like, Paris Hilton large), or I'd surely pinch them all for myself.

What will we see as we walk in the doors of Dear Pluto?
Expect a projector screen, bare walls, a velour couch and a wonderful selection of vintage and retro clothes, shoes, bags, glasses and scarves. We've done our best to maintain the warehouse aesthetic of Hibernian House but thought our customers would appreciate the addition of some modern fittings like chrome rails, wooden hangers and proper changing rooms.

5a Wilshire St, Surry Hills
Saturday 9am-5pm & Sunday 10am-4pm.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just Two More Sleeps

The ladies wear has been priced! And boy, is it cheap. Hoping to have the boys wear priced and ready to go by the end of the day but, seeing as it's already almost 7pm, I don't see that happening. Only two days ‘till our launch party.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Only Three More Days!

Only three days ‘till our Grand Opening! Presently popping the prices of items on our brand spanking new price tags in preparation. Cheapest item of clothing? Thus far, a blouse for a tiny $2. Start getting excited, folks.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Just Four Days To Go

The man and I have been hard at work this past week setting up our new space for its Grand Opening that takes place in just four days. Finally however, the drill can be put away, returned to its rightful owner and *hopefully* never have to see my ugly mug grimacing at it ever again. The fittings and picture frames are up and the rails installed - all that’s left now is the fun stuff (hanging, pricing, prancing and playing dress ups).

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Consider This Your Invitation

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of Sydney's legendary Hibernian House Vintage and Retro Sales, Dear Pluto is your new favourite shop, friend, cinema and second home.

Please join us for a drink (or two) to celebrate our GRAND OPENING on the evening of September 17th at 5a Wilshire Street, Surry Hills. Dear Pluto's collection of hand picked garments and accessories from decades past will be available for purchase on the night, at the same low prices you've come to love us for.

Dear Pluto: No garish shop-fronts, no flashing signs, no bells and whistles, no pretension, just a whole lot of retro goodness tucked away in a laneway between Crown & Bourke St.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cat's Out Of The Bag

The incredibly stunning Catherine McNeil was dressed to the hilt in '50s gear ON MY ROOF and I missed it. On hearing of the shoot, I vaguely recall making a passing comment along the lines of "Australian Vogue sucks balls" or something of equal eloquence. Never did I think to ask who the model might be or hell, I dunno, LOOK OUT THE WINDOW. Yep, I'm heartbroken alright.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Bed of Roses

GUESS WHAT? Two weeks from today, get your night vision on my arse and you will find me asleep, on a BED. For reals. A bed. Like, with slats. And a headboard. And a real mattress, with springs that don't jut into my back. What is a bare necessity for most, has been missing from my life for three whole frickin' years, my current sleeping system being a poor imitation of a bed - twenty-something crates tied together with bits of string and a rock hard, lumpy and stained mattress. The reason I'm finally getting my arse in gear and my back in line is because in two weeks I am moving out of the warehouse I share with four others and into an old coach house with just one other - Bobby. It's almost as though I'm growing up (hah! Almost.) AND I'M JUST AN TEENY BIT EXCITED. I really, really am. I truly will miss Hibernian House however, and I'm not saying good bye to it just yet. But thanks to the ever talented Xiaohan Shen, I now have the perfect keepsake to take with me. Xiaohan dropped by a few weeks ago armed with a camera and a whole lotta patience as I ran around changing outfits more often than Lady Gaga in heat.

You can find the whole feature on her website here.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Too Busy

This neighborhood's for the artists,
So how come I don't see any art?
This neighborhood's for the smartest,
They wouldn't pay so much if they were so smart.
I'm so BUSY,
I'm so BUSY man,
At Art Land.

- Art Land, Jeffrey Lewis

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Moving Sale This Weekend! Nothing Over $20!

Saturday 10th July: 9am - 4pm
Sunday 11th July: 10am - 4pm


THE MAN AND I ARE MOVING, Y'ALL. We might not know when, or where to for that matter, but we know enough to announce that July's Vintage & Retro Sale will be the last we'll hold for a few months. We need some time to find a bigger, better and sweeter space and build up an equally large and lovable collection of goods. We'll endeavour to keep our policy of the average sale price sitting at a kindly $20, with one exception, and that is this weekend's sale, where there'll be NOTHING OVER $20. That includes a generously sized collection of globally sourced, handpicked vintage & retro clothes, accessories, shoes, books, CDs, records and bric-a-brac from some of Sydney's coolest cats. Prices will be starting at a measly 50 cents – EVERYTHING MUST GO. For possibly the last time ever, you'll find us on
Level 6, 342 Elizabeth St (click for map). Check out the Facebook event for directions and further details. Already clued in? Just mark us in your diaries, bring a bunch of friends and just as many bags and, in the words of Daily Sydney, "Grab yourself a bargain."

As featured in Elle Girl Korea, Two Thousand, Daily Sydney, 2threads, Coco + Maria, Sydney Snazzy, Lost At E Minor, Side Street Sydney, XXSAT, This Way In, Concrete Playground and on Unseen TV.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jump In The Pool

Vintage swimwear has plaguing my brain like Taylor Momsen does the tweeny bopper blogs. Maybe it's the cold weather or maybe it's Tumblr and it's penchant for half naked ladies but damn I can't get enough of this (primarily '30s and '40s) swimwear porn. Only less John Holmes kinda porn and more food porn kinda porn. Only less food and more chicks in swimwear. Not that I'm a cannibal. Cottage cheese is nice love, but not on your thighs. If you're still reading this nonsense instead of being lost in the photos below, you're either insane or... well, insane.

Diana Lewis

Mamie Van Doren

Julie Newmar

Carole Lombard

Photo's all via Tumblr. Original posts can be found here: Cali Vintage, Cali Vintage, Retrogasm, Fuck Yeah, 1930s!, Retrogasm, Cali Vintage, Nick Drake and Retrogasm.

Friday, June 11, 2010

This Weekend! Vintage! Retro! Hibernian House!

"The thought of a vintage sale (yes, an actual sale, where things cost a small $20) creams my jeans. So I'm doubling up, with the rapturous return of the Hibernian House Vintage Sale. This do is a must for every zealous vintage hunter or eccentric, who just wants to own something darling. Gilded with sofa's and tunes, this place is shapely and will cost you nothing but a mere penny and a few flights of stairs. In fact I won't try to convince you, it's the shit, make note." - Two Thousand

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Wallet

In an attempt to rid my laptop of unnecessary files - it was beginning to feel as overstuffed and ready to burst as George Costanza's wallet - I began trawling through the mess that is my pictures folder on Friday afternoon, hand poised above the delete key. Quite some time later (I'll leave exactly how long open to speculation) I realised that despite my best efforts, I simply couldn't bring myself to delete a thing. I've had to come to the reluctant conclusion that I'm an image horder. That said however, when the images are as lovely as the ones I've posted here, courtesy of Backyard Bill, who can blame me? Indeed, a significant amount of the bulk can be attributed to drool-worthy blogs. Backyard Bill drew my attention in particular as it moved URLs some time ago and I'd been too lazy to drop by since. In hindsight, this was rather stupid, because Backyard Bill is super fine. Whilst, at first glance, the site might seem like little more than yet another (albeit very good) street style blog, the beauty of Backyard Bill is the true familiarity with the subject - made evident through the subject's poses (or lack thereof), the framing, the multiple shots of each subject, the surrounds and the abundance of plaid - photographer William Gentle manages to convey, thereby creating a sense of depth and honesty. The photos in this post are just a few of my favourites, more or less picked at random. They happen to be photos of women, but rest assured that there are plenty of posts on sexily stylish men as well, and not a Costanza in sight.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk



If I could scrape together enough cash to buy this little leotard from Black Milk, I would sleep, eat and party in it for as long as olfactorily possible. By the time the stint came to its ominous end, said leotard would be absolutely putrid. Jeez, listen to me - I bet that's exactly the kind of imagery required to convince you to buy it. Good thing I'm not the publicist, eh? Anyone would think I don't want you to buy the leotard. That I want it to be a complete failure, sales wise, so I can snag it in the metaphorical sales bin a few months later. Phh... this 'anyone' character would be totally wrong. I do love it though. I love the balance of exposure and wearability of the piece, and the potential for layering that comes with. It reminds me of Russh's Ali to the Max spread back in the Sept/Oct 09 issue starring the stunning Ali Stephens, a shoot which I distinctly remember first laying eyes on and falling for, hard.

With a little prompting and prodding from yours truly (okay, okay, and a whole lotta other customers too, in all probability), Black Milk have also made a pair of galaxy leggings which are pretty darn sick, and apparently selling like hotcakes. Better get in quick! Just, erm, don't buy the leotard, okay? Smelly smelly gross yuck.

Monday, May 24, 2010

You're My Best Friend

(via thelovelybones)


P.S. First five people to comment below confirming they've done so will receive a free lock of my hair. Postage not included.

P.P.S. Might I recommend the armpit variety of said hair? I've been growing it in anticipation for some months. It's almost to that stage where I could body double for Whoopi Goldburg. Or Julia Roberts. Or Nena, apparently.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Win a $20 Voucher for Some Sweet Vintage Goodness!

Surely you're all aware by now that my partner and I run a monthly Vintage and Retro Sale in the heart of Sydney. It is, after all, more or less all I talk, blog, write and bicker about. Unfortunately, herein lies the problem: Saying "Up at Six Oh One, the space in Hibernian House from which we run our monthly Vintage & Retro Sale" 196.5 times a day is getting rather tiresome so we've come to the conclusion that we need a new business name like Paris Hilton needs a foot reduction (a helluva lot). We've also come to the conclusion that coming up with business names isn't our forte (ideas thus far have included Embob and Moon Face) and desperately need some help from you. If we use your suggestion as our new business name, not only will you be deemed infinitely cool by your peers for having named the sweetest spot for second hand wares in Sydders, you'll also win a $20 voucher to use next time you drop by our sale. And, most importantly, you'll win our hearts (cue sickeningly sweet aww). The name can be as long or short as you wish and needn't have anything to do with clothes or warehouses (as we also host non-fashion related events) but if it does, that's fine too. Be creative. You can enter as many times as you wish by either commenting below or dropping us an email at

Friday, May 14, 2010

For Your Eyes Only

It's been a few weeks since I first posted about my love of those Alexander Wang Cat Eye sunglasses, and I've since acquired a similar pair off eBay which I might just wed, I love them so. I just stumbled across the above pair however, at Spanish Moss Vintage and couldn't resist posting a picture. At $39, they won't cost you your life savings and they've even got the dipped tips. Nom nom nom.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hibernian House's Vintage & Retro May Sale

"I found my holy grail articles of clothing. I thought I'd NEVER find these for a decent price. This thing is fantastic." - Caitlin Still

"Given the multiple contributors, you get all the disparate styles, periods and sizes of op-shopping, alongside the coherence and elimination of hopeless pieces that pricier vintage affords." - Concrete Playground

"So amazing. Going to make this a habit and come every time." - Tanya Ali

"Unique finds at cheap prices." - Unseen TV

"I really love the stuff I bought. Thank you so much for hosting these sales." - Malinda Ly

"[You'll] most definitely wind up looking delicious." - Two Thousand

Live in Sydney?
Hibernian House's Vintage & Retro May Sale offers you the chance to pick up a genuine a bargain from a large selection of globally sourced handpicked vintage & retro clothes, accessories, shoes and bric-a-brac (including books, CDs and records) from some of Sydney's coolest cats. Our guest seller this month is Designer/Photographer Kalindy Millions from
We Were Warriors. We'll also have some tunes on the speakers and a comfy couch in case you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by all the goodness. Find us on Level 6, 342 Elizabeth St (click for map). Check out the Facebook event for directions and further details. Already clued in? Just mark us in your diaries. Please bring your own bag and a couple of friends and, in the words of Daily Sydney, "Grab yourself a bargain."

Photo courtesy of the venerable Tom Palumbo.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Little Bunny Fou Fou

gif creator

It's no secret that I've been obsessing a tad over bunny ears recently. Specifically, the bunny ears from Louis Vuitton's Fall/Winter 2009 collection. I blame Easter. So, when the opportunity arose to make my very own in the form of a friend's Playboy party (I'd say it sounds trashier than it was but I'd be lying), I jumped on it. It was like the universe was begging me to take a pair of pliers to a couple of coathangers. The night admittedly involved some rather awkward ducking under door frames and refrained nodding but who the hell cares? I was a bunny!

Friday, April 16, 2010

The World Was a Mess but His Hair Was Perfect


Earlier this week I finally came to the highly deliberated decision that the last thing I need in my terrible twenties is to be confonted with a terrifying three inches of regrowth everytime I'm asked to show ID. So, with my current passport coming to its timely end, a new surname to boot and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade awaiting my application, I said bye bye to the boisterous blonde and plunged head first into brunettedom. I haven't been this close to my natural hair colour in five years which should, in theory, leave me feeling wonderfully sweet and sixteen. Unfortunately I wasn't that sensible a teen and instead am finding myself frequently having to resist the curious urge to skull every alcoholic beverage in sight. Oh well, I'd rather face a drunkard for the next ten years than a head of questionable hair colour.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I've spent a number of hours recently racking my brain to procure reasons why, exactly, I don't need to spend $325 on a pair of sunglasses. Of course, the reasons come steadily and convincingly. The most convincing perhaps being that I don't have $325. And yet, despite this essentially be-all-and-end-all fact, I can't stop thinking about - and drooling over - Alexander Wang's Cat Eye Shades. Seemingly, I'm not the only one either - every fashion blogger, editor, celebrity and their cat have been have been frothing at the mouth over them. Most recently, I spotted them in an editorial in the latest edition of Russh Magazine (pictured above) in which they sat perched upon model Lara's pretty head, somewhat resembling a little adorning bow. Perhaps I'm alone in seeing a similarity but they also remind me a little of the Giles Deacon sunglasses that Dree Hemingway wore in those incredibly over-blogged yet simultaneously incredible photos taken some six months ago now (pictured below).

All this shady porn has clearly been influencing my sourcing too, as I find myself time and time again picking up - and often purchasing - intriguing 1950s shades of a similar kitty cat style. The below pictured shades will be on sale (along with a heap of others) at our next Sydney-based Vintage & Retro Market.

If you're after a more modern look however (or if you have chubby cheeks that don't agree with petite feminine vintage sunnies, like me), a quick look on eBay today found these babies which, coming in at just under $20, could just subside my want for those from the magnificent Mr. Wang.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)

Happy Easter. Have an eggcellent long weekend. Forgive my lack of wit, I've spent too long in front of the computer today. I think it's about time I put on my bunny ears and take an afternoon nap. That way, I'll be celebrating the rising of the first zombie and getting some much needed rest at the same time. That's multitasking at its finest, if I do say so myself.

morganebunny.jpg image by fashionising

Image from Jalouse Magazine, September, 2009.

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