Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Wallet

In an attempt to rid my laptop of unnecessary files - it was beginning to feel as overstuffed and ready to burst as George Costanza's wallet - I began trawling through the mess that is my pictures folder on Friday afternoon, hand poised above the delete key. Quite some time later (I'll leave exactly how long open to speculation) I realised that despite my best efforts, I simply couldn't bring myself to delete a thing. I've had to come to the reluctant conclusion that I'm an image horder. That said however, when the images are as lovely as the ones I've posted here, courtesy of Backyard Bill, who can blame me? Indeed, a significant amount of the bulk can be attributed to drool-worthy blogs. Backyard Bill drew my attention in particular as it moved URLs some time ago and I'd been too lazy to drop by since. In hindsight, this was rather stupid, because Backyard Bill is super fine. Whilst, at first glance, the site might seem like little more than yet another (albeit very good) street style blog, the beauty of Backyard Bill is the true familiarity with the subject - made evident through the subject's poses (or lack thereof), the framing, the multiple shots of each subject, the surrounds and the abundance of plaid - photographer William Gentle manages to convey, thereby creating a sense of depth and honesty. The photos in this post are just a few of my favourites, more or less picked at random. They happen to be photos of women, but rest assured that there are plenty of posts on sexily stylish men as well, and not a Costanza in sight.


Anonymous said...
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Kelly, said...

ready to burst as George Costanzas wallet, I laughed out loud hahah
i love love love your blog

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