Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tight Fit

This morning, I was again photographed by Xiaohan of Sydney street blog XSSAT. I'm certain those photos will appear here soonish, along with the terrible answers I gave in the post-shoot interview (I had Sunday morning brain freeze). Afterwards, I found myself still in the mood to play dress-up (when am I not?) With temperatures having hit the high thirties in Sydney all week, a much-needed cloudy day meant that I was able to shimmy around our courtyard in not one, but two pairs of tights, without my legs melting.

Scarf: From a Hibernian House Market
Dress: Stolen from a lovely friend (for a day)
Belt: Anglicare
American Apparel Gold Tights: A birthday present from my Mother
Holy stockings: Home made from a pair of department store stockings

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Dear Sydneysiders and those wishing to move to Sydney,
We are looking for a new housemate. Bobby and I are flying off to Europe in March and hence there will be a room (the best room) available in our Surry Hills abode for five months during our trip.

The new housemate needn't necessarily have a sense of humour as Bobby and I won't be here to look at you sullenly when you get told, like, the best joke in the whole world and don't laugh. So, you know, whatever. It would be a plus if you have an OC neatness (Obsessive Compulsive sans the Disorder), glasses (of either kind), and an instrument, however, as that would be nice.

The room is comfortably sized with high ceilings. The apartment is huge (I mean, it's the penthouse, what do you expect?), and the housemates incredibly good looking. Actually, make that reasonably. Bobby and I not being there brings the bar down considerably. It's a four bedroom apartment on the top floor of a heritage-listed, graffiti ridden, green maze of a warehouse building. We have a balcony for breakfasts, rooftop for beers and courtyard for picnics, dining room and kitchen, two lounge rooms, bathroom and reading room. No parking (we're an environmentally friendly lot) but we're located a minute's walk from Central Station and there's public transport aplenty. Close to Crown St, Oxford St and pretty much everywhere, it's only a short walk for coffee, sambos, beer, music, op shops, tattoos and other fun stuff.

The room is fully furnished. With our incredible sense of interiors, this means you're getting the use of some awesome shit. Beautiful shelves, the sweetest little drawers, a bed & mattress, the best mirror in the whole world (we've named him Reflector, pronounced ReflecTOR) a stunning blue chair, a desk, a large assortment of frames and other such cool things.

And, if it helps, our cat has offered to sit on your face. No pressure.

$200 per week. Fully furnished. Five month lease (mid March to mid August). Four weeks bond. Internet is available.

Let us know if you're free for the game of 20 questions. Emails with questions in multiples of six will be given preferential treatment.

Leave a comment or email me at

Friday, January 16, 2009

Shuffle Your Feet

Shuffle over to Weardrobe where you can see me featured on the home page. You might have to use your scroll, if you have a job slash actually do things (unlike yours truly) and it takes you a few days to read this post. They move on quickly over at Weardrobe.

Suzanne of Weardrobe sent me an email earlier this week asking after my black lace-up boots - the ones that are more or less glued to my feet. I thought I'd err on the side of giving too much information (but not in the OMG! TMI! kind of way, more in a rambling, haven't blogged in a while kind of way) than too little. Here it is in full for those at all interested.

"Being a size 41, every time I decide I need new sturdy shoes, heartache ensues. I spend months trawling the Internet, charity stores and vintage stores for second hand leather shoes. I'm ethically against buying new leather goods - I've been a vegetarian since I saw Honey, I shrunk the kids when I was six and decided that yes, insects are people too - which makes it just that much more difficult. Last time, it took me at least six months. Eventually, having not nearly the amount of gusto that once filled my little bones, I was half-heartedly browsing a local vintage store (Cream on Crown in Surry Hills, Sydney) with my boyfriend when he spotted the most perfect black lace up boots. On turning them over I found the number 41 glaring back at me. I quite literally squealed with joy.

They go with everything, be it a little dress with white socks, tapered pants or tights and a skirt. Hence, needless to say, I wear them at least four times a week. Very possibly more. Being granny boots, they're more than suited to my style which, admittedly, can be pretty grandma. I'm like the granny with two cats who's kind of stuck in the '50s but tries to be hip with her grandchildren's friends by dressing like those now-aged movie stars from her '80s issues of Women's Weekly but just ends up looking like a crazy old cat lady who only leaves the house for exhibition openings in big muppet-esque cardigans.

I just wish more of those kind of grandmas had size 41 feet. Then it would be a real match made in heaven... or, as the case may be, Sydney."

Monday, January 5, 2009

Red Turned White

I'm on a roll. Not in the way that a tumble weed might roll but more the kind of roll the toilet paper gets on when you pull a little too hard and suddenly it's all over the floor and oh shit now you have to go down to the shop and spend your last $6 on some more before the housemates stink up a shit because you used the last toilet paper roll. On a wee. Or maybe even the kind of roll Einstein was on when he discovered that yes, E really does equal MC squared. Okay, I know, I'm not no genius or anything (double negative, anyone?) but, he was German and I'm half German and Hitler was Austrian. So let's just let that double negative sit there.

This much spoken about roll and the successes of the weekend can't be published in a Cheat's Guide to the Owl and the Grapes kind of post because we all know I'm not very good at summarising (you should hear me explain my dreams. They. Just. Don't. Stop.) So make yourself a cup of tea as it's going to be a long one - if you call a few paragraphs long. By my standards, it is. Despite taking a very intense speed reading class when I was in high school, I'm still a slow reader. It's taken me six months to get half way through Lolita.

The long awaited - mostly by me - Part Two of our Vintage and Retro Fashion pop-up store proved more successful than a full-bellied polar bear's nap in the winter time. The extraordinary numbers that came through our door on Saturday was absolutely overwhelming. Thankfully Sunday was a little quieter as, with a hangover the size of Turkey, using the mathematical skill it takes to calculate someone's change proved relatively difficult.

I must give my wholehearted thank you to the lovely and talented folk at Two Thousand for featuring us. I have little doubt the majority of people found us through them. If you live in Sydney and are not a regular reader, get to it and subscribe because reading their newsletter is one of the online highlights of my week. It was an ironically lovely coincidence that the one week I failed to read it, a very kindly customer should inform me that our little pop-up store was featured. Awesome.

Also keep an eye out at XSSAT for photos of Bobby, Elle and I on our roof. I was photographed by two Sydney Street Style blogs during the weekend, it's just unfortunate that I only have a card from one, and my memory isn't all that good in my old age. Yes, I'm only twenty but I wear grandma boots and often find gigs too loud. What do you expect? You can see more photos of us and our store over here. Do join our lovely little group while you're at it, and we'll let you know when we have our next event.

The ice on my finger bun roll was receiving an email from Suzanne of Weardrobe asking if I would feature on their front page (I realise that they have a number of girls featured on there each week, but it's still nice to feel loved - in a strictly business kind of way). I'll post the feature in full when it's published but in the meantime keep an eye out for me on their site.

While we're on the subject of the snazzy and sweet site, I did these photos for one of their weekly contests a little over a week ago. Due to this jumbled brain of mine however, I failed to realise until much later that the competition called for Sequin and Sheer, not Lace and Sheer as I had thought. Not one to let something go to waste though, I thought I'd post the photos up here. Behold, Sequin and Sheer lost in translation (lost meaning jumbled and translation meaning my silly little head).

Dress (worn back to front): A beautiful lace dress from Bobby that I received for Christmas.
Sheer cream top (worn underneath): Another Christmas present from Bobby.
Beret: Darn, I'm all Christmassed out. Indeed, this one was another lovely Christmas present from my Mother
Vest: From a Charity Store in Rozelle, Sydney some time in 2007.
Belt: Anglicare
Bag: $3 also at Anglicare

Update: The charming and kind Xiaohan Shen of XSSAT has posted the photos I mentioned she took of the three of us on our roof. Check them out over here.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Two Thousand & Great

Without lists, it's very likely that I would never remember (or do) anything at all. It would be difficult to argue with the stubborn fact that I would spend my days doing little but playing tetris in the sun on my newly rediscovered gameboy, browsing charity stores and listening to very loud music. Below are my lists for the best dressed - not strictly in terms of style - of the year. Please feel free to leave your own (presumably mini) lists in the comments, perhaps you'll enlighten me to some new music, that I will no doubt enjoy blaring from the speakers in lieu of doing anything productive. Just the thought is getting me excited.

Top 10 Albums

Adam Green - Sixes & Sevens
The Kills - Midnight Boom
Kitty, Daisy & Lewis - Kitty, Daisy & Lewis (pictured below)
The Felice Brothers - The Felice Brothers
Late of the Pier - Fantasy Black Channel
Metronomy - Nights Out
Dr Dog - Fate
Teeth & Tongue - Monobasic
Cassette Kids - We Are
Ratatat - LP3

Top 5 Singles

I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You - Black Kids
Young Love - Mystery Jets
That's Not My Name - Ting Tings
Paris is Burning - Ladyhawke
At Last - The Do

Top 5 Gigs

Adam Green (pictured below)
Kimya Dawson
Grafton Primary
Cassette Kids

Top 3 Movies

Young At Heart
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

Top 10 Online Destinations

Top 5 Eats

Shakespeare Hotel
Hot Wok Master
Elephant Jump
Bourke Street Bakery

Top 10 Material Acquisitions

Highlights of the Year

Finding such a wonderful, inspiring and central place to live, the plethora of amazing charity shop finds and, most importantly, meeting the man I love.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Planet New Year

Happy hippie New Year. While it's not something I entirely recommend (I'm actually still - two days later - somewhat hungover), our New Year's was a fantastic night involving lots and lots of vodka thanks to a dear friend winning a years worth of Absolut in a DJ competition. That's 52 bottles of lowered inhibitions. Needless to say, the night ended with my hugging a wall and waving needlessly at Bobby's camera.

On a separate (less trashy) note, sometimes things on your lust list don't cost a thing. Such was the case with my new cut and colour, which was born from finding my Mother has an unexpected talent for such things.

Beret: A lovely Christmas present from my Mother
Bag: $3 at Anglicare
Socks: Very very old
Dress: $5 from a charity store in Newtown. With my tendency to be attracted to such things, you might not be surprised to learn the dress was a gigantuously hideous thing with puffed and tapered sleeves. With some snipping and sewing, taking in and taking off however, I welcomed the new year a very happy lady in red.
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