Friday, January 16, 2009

Shuffle Your Feet

Shuffle over to Weardrobe where you can see me featured on the home page. You might have to use your scroll, if you have a job slash actually do things (unlike yours truly) and it takes you a few days to read this post. They move on quickly over at Weardrobe.

Suzanne of Weardrobe sent me an email earlier this week asking after my black lace-up boots - the ones that are more or less glued to my feet. I thought I'd err on the side of giving too much information (but not in the OMG! TMI! kind of way, more in a rambling, haven't blogged in a while kind of way) than too little. Here it is in full for those at all interested.

"Being a size 41, every time I decide I need new sturdy shoes, heartache ensues. I spend months trawling the Internet, charity stores and vintage stores for second hand leather shoes. I'm ethically against buying new leather goods - I've been a vegetarian since I saw Honey, I shrunk the kids when I was six and decided that yes, insects are people too - which makes it just that much more difficult. Last time, it took me at least six months. Eventually, having not nearly the amount of gusto that once filled my little bones, I was half-heartedly browsing a local vintage store (Cream on Crown in Surry Hills, Sydney) with my boyfriend when he spotted the most perfect black lace up boots. On turning them over I found the number 41 glaring back at me. I quite literally squealed with joy.

They go with everything, be it a little dress with white socks, tapered pants or tights and a skirt. Hence, needless to say, I wear them at least four times a week. Very possibly more. Being granny boots, they're more than suited to my style which, admittedly, can be pretty grandma. I'm like the granny with two cats who's kind of stuck in the '50s but tries to be hip with her grandchildren's friends by dressing like those now-aged movie stars from her '80s issues of Women's Weekly but just ends up looking like a crazy old cat lady who only leaves the house for exhibition openings in big muppet-esque cardigans.

I just wish more of those kind of grandmas had size 41 feet. Then it would be a real match made in heaven... or, as the case may be, Sydney."


Rosanna said...

wow! i love this pair!! i've been looking a pair just like this :)

maisie #1 and #2 said...

those boots are well deserving of a squeal or too. i almost squealed when i saw them close up so i can't even imagine what they would be like in the flesh! ... or in the leather, i guess.

we are putting you in our blogroll because your blog is just so incredibly good.

/maisie #1

xoxo said...

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love it..

xoxo BS

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