Friday, January 2, 2009

Planet New Year

Happy hippie New Year. While it's not something I entirely recommend (I'm actually still - two days later - somewhat hungover), our New Year's was a fantastic night involving lots and lots of vodka thanks to a dear friend winning a years worth of Absolut in a DJ competition. That's 52 bottles of lowered inhibitions. Needless to say, the night ended with my hugging a wall and waving needlessly at Bobby's camera.

On a separate (less trashy) note, sometimes things on your lust list don't cost a thing. Such was the case with my new cut and colour, which was born from finding my Mother has an unexpected talent for such things.

Beret: A lovely Christmas present from my Mother
Bag: $3 at Anglicare
Socks: Very very old
Dress: $5 from a charity store in Newtown. With my tendency to be attracted to such things, you might not be surprised to learn the dress was a gigantuously hideous thing with puffed and tapered sleeves. With some snipping and sewing, taking in and taking off however, I welcomed the new year a very happy lady in red.


Missa said...

Adorable, both your hair and the dress! What a talented and stylish mother daughter team! Happy New Year to you!

Demi said...

thank you very much :)
love this outfit, that dress is gorgeous!
happy 2009

Eyeliah @ said...

Great work on the dress, perhaps I should be more bold when I find my next ugly dress. :-)

Laura MW said...

New hair = very, very nice.
The whole look is very chic and I feel in need to have more red in my wardrobe!


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