Sunday, January 4, 2009

Two Thousand & Great

Without lists, it's very likely that I would never remember (or do) anything at all. It would be difficult to argue with the stubborn fact that I would spend my days doing little but playing tetris in the sun on my newly rediscovered gameboy, browsing charity stores and listening to very loud music. Below are my lists for the best dressed - not strictly in terms of style - of the year. Please feel free to leave your own (presumably mini) lists in the comments, perhaps you'll enlighten me to some new music, that I will no doubt enjoy blaring from the speakers in lieu of doing anything productive. Just the thought is getting me excited.

Top 10 Albums

Adam Green - Sixes & Sevens
The Kills - Midnight Boom
Kitty, Daisy & Lewis - Kitty, Daisy & Lewis (pictured below)
The Felice Brothers - The Felice Brothers
Late of the Pier - Fantasy Black Channel
Metronomy - Nights Out
Dr Dog - Fate
Teeth & Tongue - Monobasic
Cassette Kids - We Are
Ratatat - LP3

Top 5 Singles

I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You - Black Kids
Young Love - Mystery Jets
That's Not My Name - Ting Tings
Paris is Burning - Ladyhawke
At Last - The Do

Top 5 Gigs

Adam Green (pictured below)
Kimya Dawson
Grafton Primary
Cassette Kids

Top 3 Movies

Young At Heart
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

Top 10 Online Destinations

Top 5 Eats

Shakespeare Hotel
Hot Wok Master
Elephant Jump
Bourke Street Bakery

Top 10 Material Acquisitions

Highlights of the Year

Finding such a wonderful, inspiring and central place to live, the plethora of amazing charity shop finds and, most importantly, meeting the man I love.


Anonymous said...

yay i love this post & agree w/ most of it ! :D

Bobby Six said...

Ahhh, thanks for the mention. Here are mine (very simliar to yours - anyone would think we share a stereo)

1. The Felice Brothers THE FELICE BROTHERS (above)
2. Fantasy Black Channel LATE OF THE PIER
3. Alas, I Cannot Swim LAURA MARLING
4. Dog House Music SEASICK STEVE
5. Kitty, Daisy & Lewis KITTY, DAISY & LEWIS
6. Twenty One MYSTERY JETS
7. Alphabutt KIMYA DAWSON
8. Sixes & Sevens ADAM GREEN
9. Only By The Night KINGS OF LEON

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Hey thanks, I'm honored to be on such an awesome list! Happy New Year to you too!

Eyeliah @ said...

I will definitely check out the albums that I haven't heard. Great list, love the pun title.

Jennifer said...

I love Ratatat and The kills! Oh and The Selby is brilliant!

maisie #1 and #2 said...

i love making lists too! bahahaah your comment made me laugh. i can't believe you have a purring teacup! that's one smart kitty. oh, and also, about another kitty, after reading this i went and listened to kitty daisy & lewis. they are really good!

/maisie #1

Taylor said...

i love these! so cute

Justine said...

lovely blog; found it on a teen vogue link. i enjoy the fashion finds!

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