Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Don't Give Up The Fight.

Did you know that Darren Aronofsky was going to cast me in The Wrestler? No? Well, that's probably because it's not entirely true. Okay, not at all true. But I totally could have taken Evan Rachel Woods part. I can do the whole Emo thing and I would be a much better lesbian but you know, whatever Darren. I guess he *somehow* discovered what a terrible actor I am. I'm inclined to blame Bobby for letting them in on the fact that I'm Australian not American and do awful awful accents. Oh well, you have to take your losses as they come (or something along those lines). And, I guess I can't be like, really angry with this Darren guy or anything as he did manage to slip me in the film in the end.

Here's the clip where Marisa Tomei mentions our little vintage store.

P.S. Did I mention it was Oscar nominated? That's right, I'm in an Oscar nominated film! Take that Evan Rachel Wood. Wait, she was in it too. Dammit.

Vintage and Retro Fashion at Hibernian House, THE SALE.

You Sydney kids are in for a real treat this weekend. Bobby and I are going on holiday, travelling Europe for six months from March. Before we leave, however, we'll be having one last Vintage and Retro Fashion sale. This means three things:

  1. This will be your last chance (probably ever) to get that red matador jacket you've been so lusting after before it goes into storage for a very long time and/or gets replaced with European goods upon our return.

  2. We'll be massively cutting prices. That means huge bargains for you.

  3. You're not going to see us or get to share in our awesome taste in music for six months so you should totally come and hang out.
The sale is on Saturday the 28th February from 10am to 5pm and Sunday the 1st March from 11am to 4pm. We will have liquid refreshments, David Bowie (on the Ipod), a big comfy couch to chill the flip out on, shoes, handbags and belts, bric-a-brac, a little jewellery, books and LOTS OF RETRO & VINTAGE CLOTHES.

We're close to Crown St, Oxford St and pretty much everywhere. You'll be hard pressed to find parking, but be an environmentally friendly one and walk or hop on the train to Central Station from which we are a minute's walk. Find us on Level Six of Hibernian House, Surry Hills. Zip up in the lift to level 5 (be patient, it does work) and follow the signs.

I must confess, this is also a thinly veiled fundraiser for our trip but if you help us fund our stay by buying a thing or two we promise to return the favour by giving you a super good deal and bringing back lots and lots of goodies from Europe. If you can't make it on either day, but would still like to help us out, check out the awesome pieces of vintage we have up on eBay at the moment (with more to come in the next few weeks).

Invite your friends, bring your housemates and grab a MASSIVE BARGAIN!

For more information (including more detailed instructions on how to find us), check out the facebook event.

Also, a big thank you to everyone who came to support us at the Valentine's Day episode of our Vintage and Retro Fashion sale. You can see more photos over here.

The racks of goodies that are usually hoarded in my cupboard/all around the house.

The talented Ellen Hall from Pipsqueak Numbskull and Anita Nobleza (pronounced I need a new blazer).

Swimgreen Treasures who are well worth checking out.

Lots of yummy things from Bake Sale For Art.

The most awesome pair of home made tights ever.

And last, but definitely not least, the coolest kid in town. He later stole the dancefloor.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

If You Got More Money.

More eBay tid bits. I've relisted the items featured in the below post as well as they were listed on eBay US in error. They're now on eBay Australia (not to mention they're also $4 cheaper). Click on the photos to see the listings.

And a big thank you to my very kind friend Elle of Pipsqueak Numbskull who modelled this incredible dress for me.

Friday, February 20, 2009

If You Got The Money.

I've just spent the last two hours wrestling with the monster that is eBay. Finally, my pieces are up and open to bidding. Click on the photos to see the corresponding listing. I suppose I should mention something of the awesomeness of the pieces but really, I can't think of any better way than simply that they are totally awesome.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


As mentioned a few posts back, Xiaohan of Sydney street blog XSSAT recently dropped by to take a few photographs of me. It was fantastic as I just did what I enjoy most and played dress ups all morning after which I wandered downstairs to stare wistfully into the distance as I had my photos taken (as is the way of fashion bloggers). They were set to be featured in the May issue of the English H&M Magazine however, due to a lack of space, the project unfortunately fell through.

So, obviously I'm totally devoed. It does, however, mean that I can publish the photos here earlier than I had expected. Thank you Bobby for (as always) taking them. Click for larger images.

And the final product. Photo (below) courtesy of Xiaohan Shen who's photos (including one more from the shoot) you can see more of on her website.

Beret: Christmas present from my Mother.
Grapes: Fashioned out of some fake grapes found at a party store and a length of leather.
Top: It's a XXXL women's blouse worn back to front with one sleeve tucked in. I've been doing a similar thing with a ruffled dress on which I shall - if I remember - post very soon.
Belt: Anglicare
Skirt: It's a maxi skirt I thrifted (also at Anglicare) a little while ago. I often like to wear it as a dress but for the purpose of the photoshoot I decided to tuck it into my tights to create a puffball effect.
Stockings: Home made out of a department store pair.
Gloves: My housemate gave me these as a half joke. They were from an '80s dress up party. She is still incredulous when I wear them out. I think they're sick.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Vintage and Retro Fashion at Hibernian House, Part III

Presumably, by now you know the deal. If you live in Sydney (or anywhere in Australia - it's totally worth the trip), you should be a regular at our Vintage and Retro Markets. Our next one is THIS WEEKEND, on the 14th and 15th of February.

We shall have food (of the home baked kind) courtesy of Bake Sale For Art, liquid refreshments, The Beatles and other awesome music (of the Ipod kind), a couple of curious cats, a big comfy couch to chill the flip out on, shoes, handbags and belts, bric-a-brac, a little jewellery, books and LOTS OF VINTAGE & RETRO CLOTHES.

This time 'round we'll have heaps more guest sellers including Marissa Ziesing (of fashion label FTW and whose styling can be seen in the latest Duke Magazine), Holiday Sidewinder and Daisy M. Tulley (of Bridezilla), Emma Harrison (of Owl and the Grapes), Swimgreen Treasures, Imogen Smyth-Prado, stand up comic Julia Clark, Frances Anderson, Bobby Townsend (of Drum Media and Bobbysix.com) and Dominique Legrand.

We've all been working extra hard to replenish our stocks with loads of new (old) shit in the aftermath of last month's masses of cool kids who emptied us like a glass of milk left out for Santa. So come along, invite your friends and bring your housemates.

For more information (including instructions on how to find us) check out the facebook event.

P.S. Does anyone ever actually check my links? Cause they're totally awesome. And you're probably really missing out. Like, I link to Family Guy and Peep Show and bands and there's probably tons of references you're not getting if you're not clicking.

Here We Go Again

More whites. Speaking of which*, we went to a wedding on the weekend (translation: real post coming soon).

* For some reason I feel as though I have to explain this segue. But I shouldn't. Because 92% of western brides wear white. That might or might not be a made up statistic.

P.S. I could never be a news reader. On second thoughts, I couldn't be much worse than Anna Coren.

Collared Blouse: Bought on a recent op shop raid for $1
Bow: Waist tie from a favourite op shopped dress.
Belt: Anglicare
Dress: Another borrowed item from another lovely friend.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

White Bird

Every now and then, I enter a styling competition in the hope that I win some fabulous prize. The problem that always crops up however, is that these competitions are more often than not based on the other side of the world. They are named such things as "Winter Whites", "Fur and Gold" and "Snowman". Okay so the second one is actually the name of Bat For Lashes' album and the last I just plain made up, but you see what I'm getting at. So, today I sweated my arse off in the Australian summer heat in order to take a couple of photos for the "Winter Whites" competition. It's not as rugged up as one might have hoped for, but it was all I could handle.

From March, they might have more luck with me as I'll be in the Eu of rope. Watch out snowmen.

Collared Blouse: Bought on a recent op shop raid for $1
Cropped jumper: A trade with my friend Marissa for letting her sell things at our monthly Vintage & Retro Market. I called it commission but really, it was pretty much stealing... with permission.
Belt: Taken from a dress that came out of another of my recent op shop finds.
Dress: Borrowed from a lovely friend.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Golden Skans

Shimmy over to Weardrobe to see me featured on the front page again. They questioned me on my American Apparel gold tights which I wore in my last blog post (below). Here are the answers I gave.

"My gold American Apparel leggings were a birthday gift from my Mother last September. Despite exclaiming that I would look like C3PO when I answered her twice yearly question of what I would like but can't buy in exchange for coinage (which is the only form of payment familiar to me these days and apparently places don't accept coinage for purchases over $10). She got them from the American Apparel store that only recently opened up in Sydney. She got me size large for the length and guess what? They're not even saggy. American Apparel have some fucked up views on what large is. I dream of wearing them with floral dresses and patent vests, bulky shoes and layered stockings. Thus far however, there have been far few days cool enough to embrace them as much as I would like but they're sitting in my closet waiting to burst out when I go to Europe in March. On this side of the globe it's expected to reach up to 40 degrees on the weekend. I have little doubt that if I wore them on such a day my circuits would overheat."

After writing the above, my dear friend Ellen informed me that the XS from American Apparel is baggy on her. Granted, she's tiny (and likes her things tight) but apparently, everyone is much smaller than I, there are no real large people in this world (THE OBESITY EPIDEMIC IS A LIE), and I am a large in American Apparel because I am, well, large. Like, a red wigged Godzilla. How have I only just realised this?
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