Friday, February 6, 2009

Golden Skans

Shimmy over to Weardrobe to see me featured on the front page again. They questioned me on my American Apparel gold tights which I wore in my last blog post (below). Here are the answers I gave.

"My gold American Apparel leggings were a birthday gift from my Mother last September. Despite exclaiming that I would look like C3PO when I answered her twice yearly question of what I would like but can't buy in exchange for coinage (which is the only form of payment familiar to me these days and apparently places don't accept coinage for purchases over $10). She got them from the American Apparel store that only recently opened up in Sydney. She got me size large for the length and guess what? They're not even saggy. American Apparel have some fucked up views on what large is. I dream of wearing them with floral dresses and patent vests, bulky shoes and layered stockings. Thus far however, there have been far few days cool enough to embrace them as much as I would like but they're sitting in my closet waiting to burst out when I go to Europe in March. On this side of the globe it's expected to reach up to 40 degrees on the weekend. I have little doubt that if I wore them on such a day my circuits would overheat."

After writing the above, my dear friend Ellen informed me that the XS from American Apparel is baggy on her. Granted, she's tiny (and likes her things tight) but apparently, everyone is much smaller than I, there are no real large people in this world (THE OBESITY EPIDEMIC IS A LIE), and I am a large in American Apparel because I am, well, large. Like, a red wigged Godzilla. How have I only just realised this?


The Girl said...

I would love some warm weather now,it is just too cold, I'm having to wear three pairs of tights to avoid freezing. It's supposed to be getting warmer soon, my fingers are crossed.

I love that picture, such a creative way of showing your amazing leggings.

by the way I have linked you on my blog.

<3 the girl.

trishhunterfinds said...

Gosh, if you're large, I wonder what size an actual large person would have to buy? That's one way to turn a shopping outing into a depressing situation. 'Oh no I need xxxxxl tights'

Betty B said...

American Apparel are fucked up. I agree. I fear them. Why do these shops insist on making us feel like fatties?? You're perfect to me Em X

Bobby Six said...

My calves are skinnier than yours.

Jenna said...

ooh I love your leggings :p I just can´t find gold shiny leggings anywhere and we don´t have american apparel here :( Where in europe are you going btw? I live in finland but i´ll be in estonia for a month in march :)

Owl and the Grapes said...

We're going to be staying in England for the most part with Bobby's family. We'll also be travelling to France, Holland and Germany. Alas, not Estonia! I hope it's totally awesome.

Owl and the Grapes said...

P.S. Thank you Liz. Bobby, I don't think that's something to be particularly proud of. Plus, I can still wear your jeans so, like, whatevs.

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