Tuesday, February 10, 2009


As mentioned a few posts back, Xiaohan of Sydney street blog XSSAT recently dropped by to take a few photographs of me. It was fantastic as I just did what I enjoy most and played dress ups all morning after which I wandered downstairs to stare wistfully into the distance as I had my photos taken (as is the way of fashion bloggers). They were set to be featured in the May issue of the English H&M Magazine however, due to a lack of space, the project unfortunately fell through.

So, obviously I'm totally devoed. It does, however, mean that I can publish the photos here earlier than I had expected. Thank you Bobby for (as always) taking them. Click for larger images.

And the final product. Photo (below) courtesy of Xiaohan Shen who's photos (including one more from the shoot) you can see more of on her website.

Beret: Christmas present from my Mother.
Grapes: Fashioned out of some fake grapes found at a party store and a length of leather.
Top: It's a XXXL women's blouse worn back to front with one sleeve tucked in. I've been doing a similar thing with a ruffled dress on which I shall - if I remember - post very soon.
Belt: Anglicare
Skirt: It's a maxi skirt I thrifted (also at Anglicare) a little while ago. I often like to wear it as a dress but for the purpose of the photoshoot I decided to tuck it into my tights to create a puffball effect.
Stockings: Home made out of a department store pair.
Gloves: My housemate gave me these as a half joke. They were from an '80s dress up party. She is still incredulous when I wear them out. I think they're sick.


Bobby Six said...

Your new blog header is sweet.

Ashford said...

your header is beautiful!

Monster Girl said...

LOVE the new header!!

terra said...

i'm gonna go with what everyone else say and mention that your new header is awesome!
i love the outfit you have in that shoot too :p the asymmetrical top is really cool with ev'ry thing else

In-tree-gue said...

Great pictures

Rissa said...

Damn, to bad the project didn't work out! Killer outfit though, one of the best i've seen in awhile.

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