Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Dear Sydneysiders and those wishing to move to Sydney,
We are looking for a new housemate. Bobby and I are flying off to Europe in March and hence there will be a room (the best room) available in our Surry Hills abode for five months during our trip.

The new housemate needn't necessarily have a sense of humour as Bobby and I won't be here to look at you sullenly when you get told, like, the best joke in the whole world and don't laugh. So, you know, whatever. It would be a plus if you have an OC neatness (Obsessive Compulsive sans the Disorder), glasses (of either kind), and an instrument, however, as that would be nice.

The room is comfortably sized with high ceilings. The apartment is huge (I mean, it's the penthouse, what do you expect?), and the housemates incredibly good looking. Actually, make that reasonably. Bobby and I not being there brings the bar down considerably. It's a four bedroom apartment on the top floor of a heritage-listed, graffiti ridden, green maze of a warehouse building. We have a balcony for breakfasts, rooftop for beers and courtyard for picnics, dining room and kitchen, two lounge rooms, bathroom and reading room. No parking (we're an environmentally friendly lot) but we're located a minute's walk from Central Station and there's public transport aplenty. Close to Crown St, Oxford St and pretty much everywhere, it's only a short walk for coffee, sambos, beer, music, op shops, tattoos and other fun stuff.

The room is fully furnished. With our incredible sense of interiors, this means you're getting the use of some awesome shit. Beautiful shelves, the sweetest little drawers, a bed & mattress, the best mirror in the whole world (we've named him Reflector, pronounced ReflecTOR) a stunning blue chair, a desk, a large assortment of frames and other such cool things.

And, if it helps, our cat has offered to sit on your face. No pressure.

$200 per week. Fully furnished. Five month lease (mid March to mid August). Four weeks bond. Internet is available.

Let us know if you're free for the game of 20 questions. Emails with questions in multiples of six will be given preferential treatment.

Leave a comment or email me at emmalouiseharrison@gmail.com


Nataliƫ said...

i spy a frankie poster.

colinrdelaney said...

How good are sambos. Like, the best.

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