Monday, October 20, 2008

Waitin' For A Superman

Superheroes are wokkin' (that's hot as a wok). You know the type. A bit of a dark youth, a little hard-done by; an outsider of sorts. Suddenly BAM! POW! WHAM! (and if you're lucky enough, even a little chemical spill along the way) and it's all invisibility and flying at the speed of sound. Next thing you know they're being all Violet Parr and Banana Boy.

Collapsing by the clothes rails in faint boredom, I lay by the fan dreaming of light and airy flounces I did not own. Prompted, it seems, by my visible distress, "I'll give you a theme," Bobby suggested, knowing how prone I am to a theme, "fairytales." Oh yes. It's a bit of a pity I got so lost along the way.

Apparently, as well as being O.K. to the W, superheroes are also incredibly distracting. You've walked through the back of said clothes rails (no, it's no wardrobe I know, but they're bamboo and I'll take a talking panda over an old lion any day) and you're well on your way to Narnia and the fairytales that come with. The apron's tied around your waist, the torn top, oh yes, you're feeling rather Cinderella. And then BAM! What do you know, you're V. You're all colours and victory, Clark Kent and vixen.

Belt around head: Mother's
Crochet top: Sacred Heart Mission
Slogan t-shirt: Thrifted
Teddy bear belt: Coburg Trash & Treasure markets
Green skirt: Anglicare
Tights: Gift from the man
Pastel blouse: Local markets

It isn't quite as cool as my brother's Halloween costume I must admit, of which I am quite jealous (not to mention that mine, in fact, is not a costume at all). At six years old, my brother is as prone to dressing up as I. Is it not unfair that he should get an oh-so-realistic wolf head and I should not? I do suppose he does wear it better though, what with the claws and that. He looks almost as good as he would were he a panda bear.

What is not so super or heroic, now, is my lack of internet. While I'll happily take the blame for stuffing it up, sans it all is proving to indeed be a hindrance, demonstrated by the complicity of posting new Ebay auctions. The above-pictured T-Shirt will be popped up there soon enough, (there's only so long one can keep up the superhero facade) so keep an eye out. In the meantime, catch last week's auctions before they end.

As for whom my hero is, only because you asked, I must say it is the night sky. If only the stars would align and it could provide unwavering internet too, from satellites, fast as a bird (or is it a plane?) Speaking of which, have you seen my space table? Pretty out of this world, huh? (Pun fully intended.)

Also thank you to Missa from Thrift Candy for her dedicated post last week. I am very much flattered.

UPDATE: T-Shirt now on Ebay here! And space table link now working!


Anonymous said...

your hair is a gorgeous colour :)

Emma Harrison said...

Thank you! The wonderful people at Mahogany let me drop in when my hair's all dire and boring in exchange for hair modelling for them once or twice a year. It works out extraordinarily well on my part.

maisie #1 and #2 said...

i live about a suburb away from the coburg trash and treasure and i've never been! i think i shall have to go now.

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