Thursday, October 9, 2008

One nation under a groove

For a place known for its excellent coffee, amazing transport and good food, our time in Melbourne was disproportionately spent drinking bad coffee, walking unthinkable kilometres and searching for good pub grub. Melbourne itself, of course, is not to be blamed, and despite these setbacks, it was a wonderful week. I scoured op shops, admired vintage gems, enjoyed beers on roofs, slept wonderfully, and had a supermodel shout me coffee.

More on all of which shall come later.

For the time being, below is a photo. Take away my Melbourne finds and I'd be left in my underwear and shoes. It's a good thing I bought such things that cover one up.

The '60s shoes are also selling on Ebay as of yesterday. I'm past the stage of lying to myself that I can wear size 8 shoes. Hello size 10 (said in the way that one says Hello Moto).

(All bought in Melbourne, Australia - excluding shoes)
Head scarf: Chapel Street Bazaar
Vest: $1 at Sacred Heart Mission on Brunswick Street
Dress tucked in: St Vincent De Paul on Chapel Street
Crochet top: Sacred Heart Mission
Teddy bear belt: Coburg Trash & Treasure markets
Pants: Sacred Heart Mission (it's a goldmine)
Purse: $2 at some little thrift store on Chapel Street
Shoes: from a local Sydney Market


Raggamuffin said...

i love all your looks.
so happy i stumbled upon ur blog :)

trishhunterfinds said...

Heya, I too just found your blog, and love your looks.
Adding you to my blog roll as we speak


Bobby Six is Rob Townsend... said...

I also love your looks. But then you know that already.

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