Friday, October 10, 2008

Tell me something good

Apologies it has taken me a wee while to pop these links up, but for a spanking new blog it truly is absolutely (or lutes, as some might say) awesome to have the support of these brilliant bloggers / reviewers / musicians.

Painfully Hip
"If she got any hipper every dive bar in the US would name a drink after her."

No. 48

The Philly Jays

Bobby Six
"Snazzy new offering, sure to grow into something even bigger and better.

The Philly Jays
, as I hear, are even better than before. Check out their Myspace for new October gigs in Sydney. And if Bobby Six isn't the coolest reviewer out there so knock me senseless. He's a longstander, with his blog covering interviews and reviews with all the best bands you have (and haven't but should have) heard of. Recently, he reviewed Late Of The Pier, who, if you haven't heard as yet, are definitely worth a listen. In the words of Bobby Six, "Sounds like Klaxons having a fight with Muse on the Death Star". Lutes.

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