Friday, June 11, 2010

This Weekend! Vintage! Retro! Hibernian House!

"The thought of a vintage sale (yes, an actual sale, where things cost a small $20) creams my jeans. So I'm doubling up, with the rapturous return of the Hibernian House Vintage Sale. This do is a must for every zealous vintage hunter or eccentric, who just wants to own something darling. Gilded with sofa's and tunes, this place is shapely and will cost you nothing but a mere penny and a few flights of stairs. In fact I won't try to convince you, it's the shit, make note." - Two Thousand


Sharon said...

OH darn ti I always miss these sales! Do you know when you'll be having your next one? xx

Owl and the Grapes said...

10th and 11th of July! xx

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