Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jump In The Pool

Vintage swimwear has plaguing my brain like Taylor Momsen does the tweeny bopper blogs. Maybe it's the cold weather or maybe it's Tumblr and it's penchant for half naked ladies but damn I can't get enough of this (primarily '30s and '40s) swimwear porn. Only less John Holmes kinda porn and more food porn kinda porn. Only less food and more chicks in swimwear. Not that I'm a cannibal. Cottage cheese is nice love, but not on your thighs. If you're still reading this nonsense instead of being lost in the photos below, you're either insane or... well, insane.

Diana Lewis

Mamie Van Doren

Julie Newmar

Carole Lombard

Photo's all via Tumblr. Original posts can be found here: Cali Vintage, Cali Vintage, Retrogasm, Fuck Yeah, 1930s!, Retrogasm, Cali Vintage, Nick Drake and Retrogasm.

1 comment:

Tea For Two said...

Absolutely gorgeous. I'd kill for Marilyn's red suit.

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