Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk



If I could scrape together enough cash to buy this little leotard from Black Milk, I would sleep, eat and party in it for as long as olfactorily possible. By the time the stint came to its ominous end, said leotard would be absolutely putrid. Jeez, listen to me - I bet that's exactly the kind of imagery required to convince you to buy it. Good thing I'm not the publicist, eh? Anyone would think I don't want you to buy the leotard. That I want it to be a complete failure, sales wise, so I can snag it in the metaphorical sales bin a few months later. Phh... this 'anyone' character would be totally wrong. I do love it though. I love the balance of exposure and wearability of the piece, and the potential for layering that comes with. It reminds me of Russh's Ali to the Max spread back in the Sept/Oct 09 issue starring the stunning Ali Stephens, a shoot which I distinctly remember first laying eyes on and falling for, hard.

With a little prompting and prodding from yours truly (okay, okay, and a whole lotta other customers too, in all probability), Black Milk have also made a pair of galaxy leggings which are pretty darn sick, and apparently selling like hotcakes. Better get in quick! Just, erm, don't buy the leotard, okay? Smelly smelly gross yuck.

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