Friday, May 21, 2010

Win a $20 Voucher for Some Sweet Vintage Goodness!

Surely you're all aware by now that my partner and I run a monthly Vintage and Retro Sale in the heart of Sydney. It is, after all, more or less all I talk, blog, write and bicker about. Unfortunately, herein lies the problem: Saying "Up at Six Oh One, the space in Hibernian House from which we run our monthly Vintage & Retro Sale" 196.5 times a day is getting rather tiresome so we've come to the conclusion that we need a new business name like Paris Hilton needs a foot reduction (a helluva lot). We've also come to the conclusion that coming up with business names isn't our forte (ideas thus far have included Embob and Moon Face) and desperately need some help from you. If we use your suggestion as our new business name, not only will you be deemed infinitely cool by your peers for having named the sweetest spot for second hand wares in Sydders, you'll also win a $20 voucher to use next time you drop by our sale. And, most importantly, you'll win our hearts (cue sickeningly sweet aww). The name can be as long or short as you wish and needn't have anything to do with clothes or warehouses (as we also host non-fashion related events) but if it does, that's fine too. Be creative. You can enter as many times as you wish by either commenting below or dropping us an email at

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