Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I've spent a number of hours recently racking my brain to procure reasons why, exactly, I don't need to spend $325 on a pair of sunglasses. Of course, the reasons come steadily and convincingly. The most convincing perhaps being that I don't have $325. And yet, despite this essentially be-all-and-end-all fact, I can't stop thinking about - and drooling over - Alexander Wang's Cat Eye Shades. Seemingly, I'm not the only one either - every fashion blogger, editor, celebrity and their cat have been have been frothing at the mouth over them. Most recently, I spotted them in an editorial in the latest edition of Russh Magazine (pictured above) in which they sat perched upon model Lara's pretty head, somewhat resembling a little adorning bow. Perhaps I'm alone in seeing a similarity but they also remind me a little of the Giles Deacon sunglasses that Dree Hemingway wore in those incredibly over-blogged yet simultaneously incredible photos taken some six months ago now (pictured below).

All this shady porn has clearly been influencing my sourcing too, as I find myself time and time again picking up - and often purchasing - intriguing 1950s shades of a similar kitty cat style. The below pictured shades will be on sale (along with a heap of others) at our next Sydney-based Vintage & Retro Market.

If you're after a more modern look however (or if you have chubby cheeks that don't agree with petite feminine vintage sunnies, like me), a quick look on eBay today found these babies which, coming in at just under $20, could just subside my want for those from the magnificent Mr. Wang.


Dannie said...

geez, the eye wear is amazing
long time no see doll, great post :)

bench coats said...

Brilliant post! Love the shades

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Luxirare posted this on her other blog.
This pair is quite similar and only $14USD.
When I saw it I immediately remembered your blog.


I hope you like it...

And paying in the hundreds for sunnies is usually because of the "brand" name. The parts alone are staggeringly low in price and labour costs for each pair is measly since they are mass produced. Just be aware of this when you pay $100s.
But, having said that, cheap CHEAP sunnies feel tacky.

Owl and the Grapes said...

Thanks Anon. I actually did a little eBay scouring myself and came across the same pair. Ordered them a couple of days ago (eek!) Oh I know, I'd never actually pay that much for a pair of sunnies. But I can dream, right? x

gee rose and charchar said...

lovin' the sunnies

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