Monday, February 1, 2010

Material Girl

I saw this over on Pedestrian a few days ago but, being the reliable and frequent blogger that I am*, forgot to post about it. The Cassette Society is Katie Boyd and Tania Rickards, two local ladies who are notorious for their superfluous use of the word 'bitchin'' and ability to, season after season, produce rocking, '80s inspired collections to lust after. The label's Autumn 2010 lookbook, entitled "Why Can't I Be You", features Alexandra Spencer (of the addictive 4th and Bleeker) and a young short haired lass whose name I can't find modelling pieces that are oh so blatantly influenced by Madonna - circa Desperately Seeking Susan. Not to say that's a bad thing - in fact, it's very, very good indeed. A great deal of lace, shoulder pads, crushed velvet, ripped stockings and attitude ensues.

*Note the sarcasm. Actually, I have an excuse this time: I don't have internet access at home at the moment so, being poor, all my internetting has to be done in the time and space constraints of the local library. Not that I'm complaining. Free internet is, after all, always good. Until you decide you want to upload 10 pictures from The Cassette Society's new collection. Then it's just plain frustrating.


kaylene said...

The other model is Holly Thompson.

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

silk ties said...

Love the outfits here!

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