Monday, March 29, 2010

Ain't No Mountain High Enough

I spent the earlier half of this week rummaging through countless charity shops, separating the rad from the ugly, in and around Katoomba (a small town in the beautiful Blue Mountains). The trip was primarily to collect some much needed stock for our next Vintage & Retro Fashion Sale but it also acted as a badly disguised break from Sydney. The evenings were spent in the communal areas of our hostel drinking delicious clean skins, eating, reading an enormous amount and gloating - I managed to whittle my clothing necessities down to about five items. Admittedly however, this achievement was slightly discredited by my knowledge of all the buying of clothes we'd be doing.

Whilst, at the time, hunting for good quality vintage in the town felt an equivelantly overwhelming task to finding needles in a haystack, in hindsight, we actually did absurdly well from the trip. I suppose this is exemplified in the fact that on the final day, we felt it necessary to purchase of a large second hand suitcase to appease the awkwardness and difficulty of carrying so much home. We more or less took Katoomba by its ankles and shook out its pockets for all it was worth. The majority of our finds are by now well hidden within all the rest of our new stock but I did keep a few things for myself, the most expensive (ie most awesome) of which I snapped some photos of just for you (but mainly for me - I'm hyperventilating at the sight of them *in photo form* as I write this).

I wholly accidentally scored a new (!) pair of boots from Rivers which I'm super duper very excited about - particularly by the fact that they're not leather. Also, my feet aren't quite as big as they look here. They're quite big. But not that big. Well, not from where I stand, anyway.

We bought this at the last minute, after having mulled over the prospect of spending so much money on something that might possibly probably break on the way back to the City. But it didn't! And it's amazing!

We're already planning our next trip.


.przepraszam said...

i'll definately be at your next sale, can't wait! :)

Chloe said...

Beautiful photos. Looks like it was a lovely day. :)

Patty said...

Wow great pics, cute boots ;)

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