Saturday, January 2, 2010


Woah, we're outta Christmas leftovers and it's suddenly hit me that there was a time when I ate healthily (and in moderation) and actually did stuff, as opposed to lying around all day in food comas, drinking in absolute excess, wallowing in hangovers, reading books about cats and watching tapes on the VHS. Because I needed one desperately, and because I'm going to start taking writing seriously, I bought a laptop a few days ago, though I've barely even used it as I've been too busy with the aforementioned activities. Not to mention the fact that I kind of don't know how to use it what with it being a Mac and all. Also I think I might be breaking it as we speak because it's really frickin' hot and currently my Mac's almost as sweaty as me. With my sweat, of course, not it's own. It's not alive or anything. Though if it were I think it'd be a polar bear. Which makes the whole hot/sweaty thing even worse.

All this lard arsed behaviour considered, as of now (or, more likely, tomorrow) my new years resolution is to get off my newly fat arse, eat greens and not chocolate everyday and actually get some shit done. Whether this will be possible after two weeks of stupefied laziness or whether my body has actually shut itself down is as yet unforeseeable but I'm sure as hell going to try to exorcise the zombie in me. Did you make any new years resolutions? Last year Bobby decided I should make mine to quit smoking. I vehemently refused until we went to England and it kind of happened completely accidentally and without my even noticing. I blame the cold. I told Bobby that I'm thinking of making this year's resolution to pick up smoking again just so I can quit again with some venom because last time was kind of an epic disappointment what with the whole not-even-excersising-my-will-power thing. But then he called me an idiot so I think that means he doesn't approve.

Anya, unconscious girl and I demonstrating our Zombie-ness.

Anyway, when I started this post I think what I was trying to do was wish you a merry New Year. So, merry New Year folks. I hope this year treats you better than last and I truly wish you all the best. I hope that you had a wonderful New Years Eve, got absolutely shitfaced and made a fool of yourself because if you're only a douchebag once a year it should be on New Years Eve. I know I was. We spent the night at a rooftop party in the city from which we could see the fireworks and about four fifths of the Harbour Bridge with close friends (and some not so close friends. And a whole lot of strangers) which was oh so lovely. Thanks for reading, beautiful, talented ladies and handsome, clever gentlemen (because if there's any time to get all sentimental it's the days following a night of being a douchebag, right?)


Blogging Babe said...

you've gone totally BLONDE! I'm still pondering if I should or not...go honey blonde...hmmm...

Megan said...

You are hilarious. I like it.

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