Monday, December 28, 2009

The Wall

Guess what this owl/sometime cat/rare(ly) lady is doing this Wednesday night?

I'm DJing at World Bar in the Cross (that's Sydney, folks) from 8 till 10! It'll be the best night since that time got your dog wasted and played fetch with the bottle* - ALL FOR FREE! Check out the Facebook for more info here. See you there guys (which is meant in that all-gender-encompassing, 'Yo wassup guys?' kind of way).

P.S. They totally fucked up the poster so that it looks like I'm headlining. Which basically means that I am actually headlining. Over Surecut Kids and DJ Crane from Bad Wives. The. Best. Fuck. Up. Ever.

P.P.S. Warning: If the floor's empty during my set I *will* blame you. Despite all the niceties in the previous post. What? Me? Bipolar? Phh...

*Don't do this at home. Cruelty to animals is not a joke. Unless it's like, really, really funny. But even then it kind of sucks.

1 comment:

Jin said...

i totally missed out on this. i had to go to freaking bryon bay and comeback on the 31st.

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