Thursday, December 3, 2009

Vintage & Retro Sale at Hibernian House, No. 8

If you're not a Sydney-sider, you're probably better off skipping this post - I wouldn't want to be responsible for any largely expensive long-haul flights purchased in answer to the call of temptation. However, if you do reside in this lovely Australian city, you should be excited to hear this little piece of wonderful news (which I did mention briefly all the way back in November, but I figure it's about time for a reminder): Next weekend the bell will ring for us to open shop again. We'll be here selling our goods (and boy, are they good) on Saturday and Sunday, the 12th and 13th of December. Drop by for a new wardrobe, a browse, or just to hang out and say hi. It'll take an iron will not to spend a cent though, as there'll be mountains of insanely cool hand picked vintage and retro clothes and, here's the clincher, almost everything is a tenner or less either side of the $20 mark. If I didn't know better, I'd say that we *invented* the word bargain. Of course, you must realise what this means; it means that you will no longer have an excuse to lie around in your underwear (as in the above portrait). Not only will you be too proud of your new threads to ever spend another moment trapped indoors again, but when you have a beautiful retro dress for every day of the week, who needs underwear?

On the weekend, we’ll be offering up refreshments, sick tunes, a comfy couch, shoes (including a large selection of ladies size 9 to 10, so if you're sick of all those pretty vintage shoes being too small, you might just find the answer here), super stylish accessories, some bric-a-brac (including books and CDs) and rails of amazing clothes from loads of cool cats including Katrina Noorbergen (lead singer of local band Cassette Kids - check out their new
clip, Lying Around, directed by renowned fashion photographer Pierre Toussan below), stylist Grace Atkinson (NO magazine), Marissa Ziesing (fashion label FTW), Brooke T (Re:new Vintage) and ME! It certainly won’t just be for the ladies though; we’ll have loads of mantastic pieces too, courtesy of Bobby Townsend (Drum Media), Dave Abram (Jingle Jangle) and Dominique Legrand (Awesometown).

Whilst the Christian Dior blazer has long gone (for $50, mind you), we still have
those Karen Walker shorts and some amazing vintage floral dresses just begging for a new home. Last week we picked up THE most fantastic tutu ever, a bunch more animal T-shirts, a few nautical pieces and thirty new kilos of hand picked brilliance. Apart from the regulars (for the most part listed above), our big guest seller for the weekend is Re:new Vintage, a local bunch whose stock I'm drooling over. Get here early before I buy out their stall. With all my non-existant money. Yeah, that's not going to happen, is it? Still a good idea to get here early though. There's a high likelihood that there will be other droolers, with existant money.

If all that isn’t enough to have you lining up at 9am, I should also mention that we've been featured all over the joint. Not least of all in Elle Korea
, Side Street Sydney, This Way In, FBi Radio and Two Thousand.

Lastly, we'll be selling a super small selection of clothes downstairs on Level One of Hibernian House at Doldrums (previously Yvonne Ruve), in a collaboration with FTW and some of Sydney's finest lo-fi punk rock bands (including Kirin J. Callinan), this Saturday from 1pm till 5pm. If you're in the area, pop along and say a mighty hello.

Looking forward to seeing you at our Vintage & Retro sale next weekend. Check out the
facebook event for directions and further details, invite your friends, bring your housemates and grab a MASSIVE FRICKIN' BARGAIN!

SATURDAY 12th DECEMBER: 9am - 6pm
SUNDAY 13th DECEMBER: 10am - 4pm

Image courtesy of the wonderfully talented Annette Pehrsson.

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