Assisting on shoots, stringing words together to form... erm... sentences, mulling over the latest trends, snapping photos of pretty young things, reading blogs, flipping through magazines and listening to good music. These are a few of my favourite things. Amazingly, this is also my job description at 2threads. My days at 2threads are pretty much exactly like my days in unemploydom except that I have a team of inspiring ladyfolk around me to motivate me. Oh, and in terms of getting stuff done, it probably helps that I'm not slumped on the couch in my undies.

I'm quickly nearing the end of my month-long - full time - internship in the 2threads office. How am I feeling? Try totally devastated. When I applied, via a super short online questionnaire, I certainly didn't expect things would be this fun. I mean, would you like to spend one month nine to five being the office monkey and not even getting paid for it? No, probably not. I thought I might get some good experience out of it; discover more about how the industry works and that's it. Surprisingly though, the crew here are amazing, the work is so good I feel weirded out even calling it 'work', and the only one I've had to fetch coffee for has been myself (surprisingly regularly - I've discovered that the combination of early mornings and having to take pics at exhibition openings and launches with loads of free beer don't mix too well).

The office is large, airy and as open planned as one could hope for. In the centre stands Sexy Sally, our resident amputee mannequin. She's a nice lass. They're all nice lasses (not the other amputees - the other employees. Although I'm sure the other amputees are great too). I've been treated as one of the team. Much like a resident puppy dog ("Ohh, I wish we didn't have to give you up," said Jenna yesterday), but with a little more respect and a little less head petting. One thing I've noticed working on the laptop all day how quickly things move in the internet world. For example, when it comes to articles for the 2threads website, things are frickin' speedy. Jenna (the brains behind our articles) outlines content in a spreadsheet, listing the title and key words to be included, and within one or two seconds (no kidding), the stories are snapped up. I don't know how the 2threads writers do it, but they have the keenest eyes I've ever seen in operation. If I want an article, I have to put my name down before I've even had time to read what it's about. Alas, it's not necessarily a terrible thing, because when I have nothing to write about, I set on other tasks, such as promoting content on Facebook, Twitter and other interweb places, reading and contributing to fashion forums and browsing magazines and blogs for more article ideas to have translated into comprehensible concepts by Jenna.

I spent my first couple of weeks marvelling at how amazing the office dynamic was, how tight everyone was, and how good everyone seemed to be at their job. Then I found out that Stephanie had only joined the office a couple of weeks before me (she disclosed to me that she was thankful when I arrived as it meant she was no longer the newbie) and the team not only managed 2threads, but numerous other enterprises too - including Estile and This Way In. Needless to say, I was even more impressed than before. It certainly made me feel humbled to be the chosen one. Overall, the experience was truly fantastic. It's given me a greater idea of precisely what I want to do in the future (write and style for a zine, please) and I'm infinitely more confident in my skills. The merits of interning are innumerable and it's something I truly recommend to all, particularly if you're umming and ahhing about what to do at Uni/TAFE - or whether you should go at all. Studying is now something I can see myself doing, if I felt it would help me achieve my goal; something I now have clearly in sight. Ideally though, I'd rather just jump head first into the glossy paged pool. I cannot thank V Raw and Riley and the girls at Socialista Media enough for the experience. And if I could change anything about my experience, it would be to have had the pluck to come up with a nickname for Grace on the very first day of my internship, because living with two Graces and working with one has been bloody confusing.