Friday, March 20, 2009

Brighton Rock

Today was a day spent wandering the streets of Brighton. We strolled up the pier and down the laneways for hours. And the weather, oh the weather! It was so warm in the sun that I was even able to remove my jacket without getting frostbite in my arms (right, might be exaggerating a little, but it has been very cold of late).

Hat: A going away gift from my Mother.
Dress: A few pounds from one of Eastbourne's many charity shops. I adjusted it yesterday without a sewing machine (a feat which took forever).
Blazer, saddle bag: Anglicare
Teddy bear belt: Coburg Trash & Treasure in Melbourne
Stockings: Some department store a long time ago.
Gold Tights underneath stockings: American Apparel.

My only complaint to the city of Brighton (because, clearly, they asked me to fill out a customer response form) was that the charity shops had been sapped drier than Arj Barker's humour by the surrounding vintage stores. The only thing I came close to buying from a charity store was a beautiful pair of dark brown barely heeled low cut granny shoes about half a size too small. I unwillingly said my goodbyes, my better half telling me that they weren't worth the hobbling. A kiss with a couple of (Banksy) policemen softened the blow, after which we browsed more vintage stores and I unwittingly photographed a 'no unauthorised photography' sign. I'm bad.

PS: Apparently Brighton thinks I should rename my blog Owl and the Lion.

UPDATE: Thanks to the lovely ladies at Painfully Hip, I'm featured on their website. Have a squizz over here.


maisie #1 and #2 said...

hey i'm glad we seem to share taste in films! i am lacking fashion inspiration right now but drowning in good cinema so most of my posts are just film stills. it is lazy i know.
i just love your black booties, i know you wear them all the time and i don't blame you. they are quite perfect and go with everything it seems. if you find an identical pair in a 38 send them to melbourne pleeeeeeeease......

KB said...

Cool dress, wish I had the patience to find such gems in charity shops. One day...

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