Saturday, March 21, 2009

Baby's Got a Brand New Secondhand Disguise

Thus far I have visited 17 charity shops in Eastbourne. One. Seven. Yes, this tiny town is crammed full with them. Essentially, it's my dream come true. Today we hopped down the street to find two previously undiscovered aged care charity shops and a little store overflowing with bric a brac. Two beautiful scarves, a perfect cream skirt and a typically awesome '80s belt later and back up the hill we climbed. On second thoughts, bounced might be a more appropriate word choice as I was just that happy. The warm weather proved to be the cherry on top, allowing me to ditch the coat and wear my brand spanking new little structured velvet jacket (which I bought on my second day this side of the world). A yummy delicious velvety cherry.

Glasses: Bobby's
Blouse and belt: Anglicare
Jacket: Marie Curie (charity store) in Eastbourne
Neck Tie: A waist tie from a hooded piece I have.
Trousers: Mum's hand-me-downs.


Eyeliah @ said...

those pants suit you very much, I am lovin this pinky hair on you!

Alice X said...

so ! i wish there were that many charity shops wehere i live.

Anonymous said...

it's hard being cute, when you're out there putting the rest of us to shame.

just found your blog, intend to keep on reading :)

frances said...

I looooves this outfit.

Jay said...

Forget the thrift, the pants are where it's at.

Sonya said...

Your hair color is GORGEOUS!

Owl and the Grapes said...

It's so bizarre, it's been weeks since I dyed it and yet everytime I wash my hair jugs of pink water go down the drain. Give it a week and I'll be grey. But thank you for the compliments and comments.

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