Sunday, May 31, 2009

Half The Truth

So, I lied. Well, I didn't intentionally lie. It was an accidental lie. I said that my article would be on the Brighton Frocks website tomorrow; tomorrow meaning yesterday. It's not. It will be up there within the next few days though, I promise (and what reason have you not to trust me?)

In other news, I'm going to a hen's night tonight. 'Strippers, booze and drugs?' You might ask. No, in fact, we're a civilized lot. Dinner and a drink in a pretty pub in the next town over. And, completely untrue to my style, I have already planned what I'm wearing. I know, organised, right?

Speaking of which, sorry there haven't been any posts of the outfit kind of late. Despite the suddenly sunny weather, I've been hiding in the black and greys of my wardrobe. And that's not much fun for anyone really, is it?

I got a new camera from a charity shop in town yesterday (above). It's a '70s Kodak Instamatic 25. I doubt I'll ever find film for it, but I'm liking the collection of old, mostly unusable cameras that's building on top of our drawers. It's almost as good as strippers, booze and drugs. Almost.


Sonya said... need some bright butter cup yellow-the "hot" colour for this season...and then the Brit boys will be calling you "Sunshine" if not "luv" lol...

Dannie said...

cute pic...i really luv your hair color!
haha...funny you never plan your outfits and they're still great ;)))

_nina_malvada_ said...

huhu..adorable pic...


you should post some pics of your new camera..

louise or valentine said...

i almost bought an art deco film camera. and by film, i mean like a 16 mm film camera. i thought about hollowing out the insides and turning it into the prettiest pinhole camera on the face of the earth but alas, i couldn't open it and thus didn't buy it.

Owl and the Grapes said...

Sonya, buttercup yellow sounds delicious! I'm afraid I'd be tempted to eat my clothes though. Today I wore green, a step forward I think. Thank you Dannie, I like the colour too, it's a shame my roots are a metre and a half long. Oh, Louise or Valentine, such a shame, if it had been me, I would have bought it anyway. But that's because I'm a bit silly sometimes. I'm sure you'll find another one someday, one that isn't shut like a clam.

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