Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's a Mystery

I must apologise for the lack of posts, ladies and gents. It's been tough, tough, tough; we leave in only a matter of days and my suitcase is five kilos over the limit. What's a girl to do? The obvious solution should have been to post boxes of goodies back to Australia months ago, ensuring that all my things would be waiting for me when I arrived. Alas, I'm not one to think ahead (or to think at all, to be honest), so I'm in a bit of a rather stressful dilemma. Hopefully, if I procrastinate enough, someone else will have to deal with it. In the meantime, I'm still, very guiltily and in disguise, hitting up the charity shops as per usual. A few days ago, on one such 'hit up', I stumbled across a massive Sherlock Holmes hard cover. Having never read any Sherlock Holmes stories, I decided it was time I become acquainted with the infamous investigator. After all, it was under a pound and I convincingly convinced the boyfriend that I'd leave it in England in between my wedding shoes and a couple of owls that just wouldn't fit. That way, we all won. Except the owls. Normally, I'm quick to moan if I must lug any more than absolutely necessary to work or town but recently, I've been taking the massive book, very contentedly, everywhere with me.

Perhaps what inspired this purchase and put me in the mood for mystery and adventure was the murder mystery evening my friend Michelle hosted a couple of weeks ago. It was SO much fun. Like, the kind of fun that you imagine musicians having (when really, we know it's all just tour buses and setting up. And maybe a little drink. But the boring kind of drink. Like beer. And whisky).

Miss Jo as Dr. Sigmund Fraud: A controversial psychologist, of course. She does look however, very Sherlock Holmes, wouldn't you agree?

Hostess Michelle as 'Chocolate' Bertrand: The greatest legend of the chocolate industry (the murder was a chocolate related one).

Me, as Little Fitz: A star of the Music Halls of Europe, where my ventriloquist act (with my dummy Ziggy) proved very popular. I was supposed to wear a check suit you see, but with my dummy being named Ziggy and all, I thought it only appropriate to Bowie it up a little. The best part of it all was, almost all (or perhaps ALL) of Ziggy's scripted parts were Bowie quotes. Amazing.

Tash as Mike Bison (they were certainly very inventive names): The rising star of American boxing. Tash's costume suggestion called for jeans and a white vest. I think the above costume far exceeded all expectations.

Gemma, as Dame Barbara Carthorse, the most celebrated beauty in England.

Miss Rosie as Marchioness Duchamp: An internationally notorious artist.

And Emma as Dr Doris Johnson: Amateur archaeologist.


carolyn said...

ohhhh man I seriously love sherlock holmes. I hope you enjoy that book as much as I do! And I hope the impending movie doesn't ruin it....*shudder*

haha your party looks like so much fun! My friends and I occasionally have pride and prej parties where we dress up like jane austen characters and pretend that we own half of england.

Dannie said...

how freeeeakin kool n fun!
loooving your houndsooth print ;)))
menswear inspiration!!!

Bobby Six said...

"The obvious solution should have been to post boxes of goodies back to Australia months ago, ensuring that all my things would be waiting for me when I arrived." Or, and here's a crazy thought, you could have bought less stuff in the first place. Thoughts?

Isabel said...

I'm pretty excited for the Sherlock Holmes movie with Robert Downey Jr. to come out.

Serg Riva said...

this cracks me up. nice post.

Organic Meatbag said...

Wow, that was one hell of a big cigar you had! Hehehehe...oh, and I am a Bowie fanatic, so big kudos to you on the Bowie shout-out!

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