Thursday, August 6, 2009

Queen of the 21st Century

Surely, the formula to success is not one of working hard, or involving great brainpower, but of simple fashematics. And what does patent, androgynous shoes + a 1980's vest + a utterly vivacious EDT combining notes of raspberry, rose and vanilla equal? Why, a frickin' queen of the 21st century, of course. The auctions end just five and a bit days from today, so make like Speedy Gonzales and bid on these pieces of awesome over here.

I love these shoes. If I weren't gettin' all intercontinental and moving back to Australia in a week and a bit, I would definitely not be selling them. See them featured (i.e. see me wearing them) here and here.


Anonymous said...

I love your shorts, such a great color!

Isabel said...

Haha, Fashematics is genius!

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