Sunday, September 27, 2009

Home and Away

To celebrate my 21st birthday with my Mother (yes, I'm still, over a week later, celebrating it. Awesome), Mr. Bobby and I were treated by the former to a lovely lunch in a pub in the Northern Beaches. I'd love to show you some food porn but unfortunately by the time I thought to snap some photos my plate of scrumptious salad was half destroyed. Silly fork.

Post beer and such, we drove up to Palm Beach for which Bobby was quite the excited little boy slash fully grown man. In the car, I had to listen to him sing the Home and Away theme tune about a billion times. Okay, according to Bobby, clarification is needed here: It was probably more like three or four times. It was JUST AS PAINFUL. Apparently, because he's English, the fact that the show is absolute rubbish remains an unrealised fact. But what can I say, we're all different G-man, aren't we? Anyway, it was sprinkling and windy and, all in all, not the most pleasant kind of weather for which to be hanging out on the beach, hence we left rather promptly. It was, however, really beautiful. The clouds created such a dramatic atmosphere. It's a pity I'm not The Flame (geddit? Because then I wouldn't have been so cold? No? No, me neither really.)


Anonymous said...

oh I love the green bus

Anonymous said...

Ur birthday??? Wow!!!
Congraturation ,,, !


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