Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Where Do The Children Play?

Germany has the best playgrounds in the world. Okay, so I haven't exactly researched this fact very well, and being half-German I'm probably more than a little biased but I'll be damned if I didn't have the most fun childishly skipping, swinging and sliding since, well, being a child.

An Asterix and Obelix playground in Bad Vilbel, Frankfurt.

By the Wasserturm in Berlin.

A giant flying fox in Tiergarten, Berlin.


leila wylie said...

Wow, these are awesome! I'm also half German. I didn't see any playgrounds when I was in Germany though.

Dannie said...

koolest swing ever!
u look adorable, i cant get over your hair!

Isabel said...

This looks like so much fun! I need some German playgrounds in my life right now.

lizzle said...


Looks awesome!

Eyeliah said...

there are NO parks this cool where I live!

Helennn Louise said...


I think I'll agree with the park thing! The parks around my area have been burnt down by youths who claim "it was funny"

you look like you had a great time!

Heidi and Seek said...

Holy crap, that looks awesome. I'm on the lookout for just a flying fox in my area.

I found one with a seesaw that had two hanging seats, and though that rocked but it's a bit piddly in comparison.

I tagged you for a blog award!:

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