Monday, September 28, 2009

Vintage & Retro Sale at Hibernian House, No. 6

Greetings Sydney-siders!
We wouldn’t be entirely surprised had you thought that, after you guys bought us out CLEAN at last month’s sale, we’d never be back. You’d be wrong however, as we saved some Grade A European stock out the back for another time (read: THIS time), and we’ve been oh-so-busy dashing around town collecting new (old) retro goodies to fill our rails. We've picked up a remarkable amount of goodies, including a pair of beautiful Karen Walker denim shorts, loads of shudderingly cool t-shirts for the boys, leather skirts and shorts, a Diesel check shirt, teddy bear, floral and embroided vests, some number of amazing cropped, midriff-bearing pieces and, of course, florals and great prints in every cut.

We’ll also have refreshments, The Kinks (on the speakers), a comfy couch, shoes, super stylish accessories, bric-a-brac, books and MOUNTAINS OF HAND PICKED VINTAGE & RETRO CLOTHES from loads of cool cats including Marissa Ziesing (of fashion label FTW), Bobby Townsend (of Drum Media), Dominique Legrand, Katrina Noorbergen (of Cassette Kids), stylist Grace Atkinson (from NO magazine), David Abram (of Jingle Jangle) and Emma Daniels (of It certainly won't just be for the ladies either. We've got three man-oh-man sellers with loads of mantastic pieces. And if it all gets a bit hot and sweaty we'll even crack out the fan for you. Alternatively, grab one of our sweet little one-piece swimsuits.

Almost EVERYTHING in store is around the $20 mark. And when I say almost, I ain't exaggerating. However, do remember that we only be accept cold, hard CASH (we like to do things the old fashioned way). If you do come unprepared however, there’s an ATM just down the street.

Also, now that we’re back from the EU we can finally make this sale a regular by-the-calendar event. So, from here on in, every second weekend of the month, rain, dust storm, apocalypse or shine, you’ll find us up at 601 selling our wares. We’ll also be open longer hours for all you kids who want to sunbathe your little white arse blistering red at the beach. We’ll be open an hour extra either end of the day on Saturday and an hour earlier on Sunday.

We're close to Crown St, Oxford St and pretty much everywhere. You'll be hard pressed to find parking, but be an environmentally friendly one and walk or hop on the public transport to Central Station from which we are less than a minute's walk. Find us on Level 6 of Hibernian House, Surry Hills. Zip up in the lift to level 5 and follow the signs.

If that isn’t enough to have you lining up at 9am, I should also mention that we've been featured all over the joint. Not least of all in a recent issue of Elle Korea and in online publication Two Thousand (who made us out to be much cooler than we actually are. Hah! JUST KIDDING. We really are that cool.)

RSVP on the facebook (if only to show off your unbelievable coolness), invite your friends, bring your housemates and grab a MASSIVE BARGAIN!

SATURDAY 10th OCTOBER: 9am - 6pm
SUNDAY 11th OCTOBER: 10am - 4pm

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