Friday, October 2, 2009

Help The Aged

I know that it's a quite (okay, very) likely scenario that you are all completely sick of these dress up party posts but, unfortunately for you, I'm not. And neither is Sydney, apparently, because I don't think I've been to a party since arriving back in the old home-town that wasn't a dress up party. The most recent of this series of splendour was courtesy of the lovely and beautiful Miss Janaki Peart, who celebrated her seventy-fourth birthday in her pretty little inner-west home. We drunk punch from teacups and peered over our spectacles at the young folk in the backyard.

The ol' birthday girl.

Everything's thrifted. Nothing cost over a fiver.

P.S. So many new things to share with you. Studded boots, chunky black watches, computerised sewing machines, owls, black leather bumbags, more glasses... Oh my, more regular posts are needed, I think.


Isabel said...

You make a wicked crazy old granny.

blogging my heart out! said... that you're "over the hill" Missy...

mice said...

awesome cute photos! (:


Marta Castellanos said...

Funny fancy-dress!!I love it!!

grey said...

wow i love these pictures
and ur thrifted goldmine

Little Monarch said...

tee hee hee I love the nanas I already have but can you be my third grandma?!

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