Thursday, October 8, 2009

I Can See Clearly Now

The sun is OUT again! Well, yes, there is the whole gail force winds thing but unless you're on a ferry/anywhere unsheltered, who the fuck cares? It's blue outside!

In other news, I had my hair cut and dyed on Tuesday. This is far more thrilling news than it might seem. Actually, no, it's not really.

Our Vintage & Retro Sale is THIS WEEKEND! I know I haven't been able to shut up about it but I'm even more excited than usual. Maybe I'm just in an excitable mood this week. Or maybe it's because our stock this month is unbelievably good. Like, mind blowingly good. Sydneysiders, you simply must come along. If you're lucky, and flatter my website/writing/incredible good looks enough, I might even give you a bloggy discount. AND, we'll be open an hour longer either end on Saturday and an hour earlier on Sunday morning so you'll have even more time than usual to check out our racks (not in a dirty kind of way). Here are some more photos of me wearing some of said unbelievably good stock. I'll also be selling some super cool cassette tape necklaces like the one in the below photos for a miniscule four dollars. Click for more detail.

The glasses are a present from my lovely housemate Dom, the awesome red jacket and top are both from Anglicare (pay-by-the-kilo op shop), leggings from god knows where, the cassette necklace I made myself, the watch from Paddys market (actually my birthday present from Bobby) and the shoes you should all know by now. Man, I need some new boots.


Anonymous said...

your hair looks great!

Girl With The Bow Tie said...

Stumbled across your blog. And I really had to comment because I seriously LOVE your outfits - especially the Grandma party pictures! What a genius theme. I wish my friends would come to Grandma-themed parties with me (of course, after I find one). I'm just filled with envy!

Check out mine?

Emily said...

sooo 80s -- love it!!!

Owl and the Grapes said...

Ah thanks ladies of the night. Bow Tie? You should HOST one. Buy up big in the local op shop and then tell all your friends that you're hosting a party and there will be midget strippers made out of cocaine and then when they get there drug them and make them wear the op shop clothes and then when they wake up, YAY OLD PEOPLE'S PARTY. That's what I'd do anyway.

Slanelle said...

killer outfit !

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