Monday, October 5, 2009

Heavy Weather

Ol' Sydney town has been incredibly unpredictable on the whole weather front recently. First, we had that bizarre apocalyptic red sand storm, then it was absolutely swelteringly hot and now it just won't stop raining. And I've heard rumours that it isn't going to clear up for another month. Which would kind of be okay, you know, cozy and relaxing; inside, by the non-existent fire (I can be a home-body when required), did we not have to go via the exposed, roof-free balcony to get to our bedroom. It's a strange house and, what's normally a cool feature - stepping out of my room onto the amazing astroturfed balcony every morning is something I very much treasure - becomes the most annoying thing in the world, ever.

"Err, Bobby, why is your hair all wet?"

"I had to go wee."

"So... You pissed in your hair? Wow. This is awkward. You know what, I'm pretty down with most things but that's totally not cool. Like, that's not even kinky-cool."

"What? No. It's raining. And to go to the bathroom one has to go via the balcony. Remember?"

Despite all this doom and gloom, we fought the elements on Saturday in order to do one big Anglicare buy up. We spent four hours in that hell hole and purchased a whole TWELVE kilos of awesome. One party of said awesomeness is this amazing acid wash parka (see below photos). I also picked up the floral top and leopard print leggings which will be washed and hung up by the weekend. So exciting. You wouldn't believe how good our rack of new shit for our market is looking. Like, I think I might actually wet my pants. Oh, wait, I totally already have. Or is it rain? Darn, I have got to stop getting so easily confused.

Anyway, here are some photos of me goofing around in various series of undress. Despite the connotations of that, none of them are sexy, I'm afraid. The up-side of the whole weather debacle however, is the amount of layering I can get away with. Yesterday I wore a jumper ontop of a cardigan. I know, right? That's some fucked up shit.

Parka, floral top and leopard print leggings are all from that second hand pay-by-the-kilo warehouse in Summer Hill that I always bang on about. The little white cardigan and belt were purchased for a couple of dollars courtesy of Vinnies' half price sale last week (it's a charity store, for all you non-Australians). The black leather bumbag, chunky watch and glasses are all from Paddy's Markets. The shoes were from a vintage store in Sydney and the skirt from a vintage store in Paris.

P.S. I'm never taking off this bumbag/watch/glasses/parka. Ever.

P.P.S If you're in Sydney, Vinnies is having yet another half price sale today. Get down there!


Isabel said...

You are freaking adorable. And I totally laughed at the 'hair pee' statement.

Zhcsyra hp said...

in love with all the outfits,.
ur tights,ur shirt,shoes and jacket <33

Dannie said...

you're hilarious! and im happily dying over your cheetah/leopard combo- love love LOVE!

Teabagstains said...

that sand storm was house is still dusty :( your blog is one of my faveees ur so cute.

Blogging Babe said...

I totally sympathise...I don't know if you've heard about the rains in Atlanta metro? luv the parka!

mufti said...

rain rain go away!

Isabel said...

Hey Emma, thanks for the heads up about the sweater, but I'm going to have to take a pass on it. It's a shame I'm so poor right now, or else I would've snapped it right up. I hope the sweater finds a good home!

Tea For Two said...

I love your blog. Your outfits are my kind of thing :)

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