Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk



If I could scrape together enough cash to buy this little leotard from Black Milk, I would sleep, eat and party in it for as long as olfactorily possible. By the time the stint came to its ominous end, said leotard would be absolutely putrid. Jeez, listen to me - I bet that's exactly the kind of imagery required to convince you to buy it. Good thing I'm not the publicist, eh? Anyone would think I don't want you to buy the leotard. That I want it to be a complete failure, sales wise, so I can snag it in the metaphorical sales bin a few months later. Phh... this 'anyone' character would be totally wrong. I do love it though. I love the balance of exposure and wearability of the piece, and the potential for layering that comes with. It reminds me of Russh's Ali to the Max spread back in the Sept/Oct 09 issue starring the stunning Ali Stephens, a shoot which I distinctly remember first laying eyes on and falling for, hard.

With a little prompting and prodding from yours truly (okay, okay, and a whole lotta other customers too, in all probability), Black Milk have also made a pair of galaxy leggings which are pretty darn sick, and apparently selling like hotcakes. Better get in quick! Just, erm, don't buy the leotard, okay? Smelly smelly gross yuck.

Monday, May 24, 2010

You're My Best Friend

(via thelovelybones)


P.S. First five people to comment below confirming they've done so will receive a free lock of my hair. Postage not included.

P.P.S. Might I recommend the armpit variety of said hair? I've been growing it in anticipation for some months. It's almost to that stage where I could body double for Whoopi Goldburg. Or Julia Roberts. Or Nena, apparently.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Win a $20 Voucher for Some Sweet Vintage Goodness!

Surely you're all aware by now that my partner and I run a monthly Vintage and Retro Sale in the heart of Sydney. It is, after all, more or less all I talk, blog, write and bicker about. Unfortunately, herein lies the problem: Saying "Up at Six Oh One, the space in Hibernian House from which we run our monthly Vintage & Retro Sale" 196.5 times a day is getting rather tiresome so we've come to the conclusion that we need a new business name like Paris Hilton needs a foot reduction (a helluva lot). We've also come to the conclusion that coming up with business names isn't our forte (ideas thus far have included Embob and Moon Face) and desperately need some help from you. If we use your suggestion as our new business name, not only will you be deemed infinitely cool by your peers for having named the sweetest spot for second hand wares in Sydders, you'll also win a $20 voucher to use next time you drop by our sale. And, most importantly, you'll win our hearts (cue sickeningly sweet aww). The name can be as long or short as you wish and needn't have anything to do with clothes or warehouses (as we also host non-fashion related events) but if it does, that's fine too. Be creative. You can enter as many times as you wish by either commenting below or dropping us an email at

Friday, May 14, 2010

For Your Eyes Only

It's been a few weeks since I first posted about my love of those Alexander Wang Cat Eye sunglasses, and I've since acquired a similar pair off eBay which I might just wed, I love them so. I just stumbled across the above pair however, at Spanish Moss Vintage and couldn't resist posting a picture. At $39, they won't cost you your life savings and they've even got the dipped tips. Nom nom nom.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hibernian House's Vintage & Retro May Sale

"I found my holy grail articles of clothing. I thought I'd NEVER find these for a decent price. This thing is fantastic." - Caitlin Still

"Given the multiple contributors, you get all the disparate styles, periods and sizes of op-shopping, alongside the coherence and elimination of hopeless pieces that pricier vintage affords." - Concrete Playground

"So amazing. Going to make this a habit and come every time." - Tanya Ali

"Unique finds at cheap prices." - Unseen TV

"I really love the stuff I bought. Thank you so much for hosting these sales." - Malinda Ly

"[You'll] most definitely wind up looking delicious." - Two Thousand

Live in Sydney?
Hibernian House's Vintage & Retro May Sale offers you the chance to pick up a genuine a bargain from a large selection of globally sourced handpicked vintage & retro clothes, accessories, shoes and bric-a-brac (including books, CDs and records) from some of Sydney's coolest cats. Our guest seller this month is Designer/Photographer Kalindy Millions from
We Were Warriors. We'll also have some tunes on the speakers and a comfy couch in case you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by all the goodness. Find us on Level 6, 342 Elizabeth St (click for map). Check out the Facebook event for directions and further details. Already clued in? Just mark us in your diaries. Please bring your own bag and a couple of friends and, in the words of Daily Sydney, "Grab yourself a bargain."

Photo courtesy of the venerable Tom Palumbo.
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