Monday, September 15, 2008

And so it begins.

It's a five-year-old institution. It's proudly independent, and it holds a wicked party. Indeed, if the music station were a person, it'd be in Kindergarten by now. Alas, it's much more than a person. Mature beyond it's years and mightily ahead of it's game, FBi held an excellent (and indeed tantrum-free) 5th birthday bash to rival any Sydney gig. While perhaps not the most popular kid in school, FBi is certainly the coolest, and pulled a crowd of band members, DJs and a good chunk of the Sydney scene last Friday night who were well worthy of the sounds on offer.

Performing that night was Sydney-based S.Y.L.K (pictured below) who played a highly entertaining set with tongues firmly planted in cheeks. Unmistakably very Salt 'n Pepa in dress, they were typically and fantastically wrapped in gold and all things 80's.

Spod is not-so-simply a whole lot of fun, his set (below) complete with dancing girls, cut-out faces of the leading man himself and a skilfully incorporated old-school Game Boy.

Yves Klein Blue, a promising band indeed, played a great set with strong Brit-rock influences while The Grates played enthusiastically to a packed floor.

The favourite band of the night for me however, unexpectedly came in the form of three-piece Philadelphia Grand Jury who performed wonderfully to a comfortably small crowd. They play again at Oxford Arts this Thursday, if you can catch them I recommend you do. (And they're sweet with being called The Philly Jays, so really its all yes's over here)

I won't review the entirety of the night (there are professionals for that sort of thing), I'll just end on the note that you should check out Philadelphia Grand Jury (pictured above) on their myspace. Listen to Wet Winter Holiday. Actually scrap that, all their songs are well worth a listen.


Bobby Six is Rob Townsend... said...

I notice you didn't mention anything about WOW.

Well, as the saying goes, if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.....

Anonymous said...

You like Philly Grand Jury, and they like you.

Super cool.

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