Monday, September 22, 2008

I won't give you sympathy.

Given the 60s-inspired indie rock their old band, The Little Flames, oh-so-wonderfully created, one would expect similarly harmonious and catchy songs from The Rascals' debut album Rascalize. Unfortunately, they disappoint. Their Brit-rock sound is formulaic and unapologetically reminiscent of Arctic Monkeys and The Coral (who coincidentally have both toured with The Little Flames). Perhaps it is that they were the three youngest members of The Little Flames. Immature? The track How Do I End This? prompts one to ask that exact question of the album. Alas no, it's not terrible, and it is listenable. It's just a bit... boring.

With the addition of Eva Metersen on vocals and Mat Gregory on guitar, their former band is far more worth your ear. I don't believe their album was ever officially released as they split before it was due out (correct me if I'm wrong) but if you're sneaky you can certainly find it. Take the publicity of The Rascals as a chance to get into The Little Flames.

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