Friday, November 14, 2008

Coming down the hill

I love running down hills. With the wind blowing through my cropped hair and the sun guiding my way, it's beautiful, fun and makes me giddy like a little girl. Running up hills, however, is not so fun. Every time my local shops at Surry Hills beckon, I take a five minute detour in order to avoid the giant hill that is Foveaux Street. While I'm sure it's purely because I am grossly unfit, Foveaux makes my buttocks ache and wish I had shoes like Dorothy.

Thankfully Alannah Hill is just the right type of Hill. One that is certainly associated with the feelings of the former. Her boutiques are fun, girly, beautiful, and indeed make many people giddy with joy.

Earlier this month I received this gorgeous Alannah Hill piece. However, despite my gratitude, I find the above pictured necklace doesn't quite make my wardrobe giddy with joy. Instead my clothes and head um and uh on how to wear such a stand-out piece. Hence it has unfortunately never been worn.

I've placed it on Ebay in the hope that someone more stylish than I will know how to wear it. You can see the listing and details just over here (that's a link if it's not clear). If you mention this blog and tell me how you found out about it at checkout, you'll get free postage and handling too!

The listing ends on Monday the 24th November so be quick, and in the meantime I'm off to get giddy like a little girl.


Missa said...

I have a photo that I love of my sister and I as kids running down a grassy hill at my grandfather's house with our arms stretched out in glee, it's also kinda funny because unbenounced to me the fly of my jeans was wide open.

There is nothing cuter than a baby cracking up!

Anonymous said...

i absolutely love this and the auction ends on my birthday, is this trying to tell me something.....

Owl and the Grapes said...

Oh wonderful, there are too many photos of me like that as a child too - running with my fly open or stumbling around and giggling in what was supposed to be a ballet class.

You would look beautiful in it Belle. Happy birthday for Monday!


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