Monday, November 3, 2008

Yes yes.

People who plan to vote McCain - or not at all, which is JUST AS BAD - need to get their arse informed and their hind legs to the voting booths. The American election is this Tuesday (that's tomorrow kids) and my many cats, at least, are already well on their way to the voting booths. It's really not extraordinarily difficult you see, and yes, it will affect everyone.

It's times like these I wish I were American. And believe me, these times do not crop up often.

Though no longer brand spanking new (and forgive if you've already seen it a few times over), a few cheeky Brooklyn women created this refreshing poster (top right) that's a reworking of a famous '60s anti-war poster (top left). With their tongues firmly planted in cheeks, Casey Brooks (photographer) and models Anna Bean, Karen Maine, Dana Gluck, and Lindsay Withers succeed in making at least one girl smile.

Hat: Bobby's
Dress: Vintage, and on Ebay.

In homage to these ladies and their poster, I've just popped two beautiful dresses (one of which I'm wearing up top) on Ebay which I would really rather not sell but alas rent day is looming and if not here than it shall be at the markets. Click on the photos to go to the listings. It's easy as one two three through seven and a no on Prop eight.

1 comment:

Missa said...

Gorgeous dress and hat combo!

I love the remake of that poster, such a great idea and he's definitely got my vote :)

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