Friday, November 28, 2008

Vintage and Retro Fashion at Hibernian House

Dear Sydneysiders,
For you and you only, Owl and the Grapes and SixOhOne are collaborating to create a one-day pop up store. Just like those fairy tale pop up books you had as a child, but better. You wouldn't have imagined such a thing was possible back then, but trust us, it certainly is.

Okay, so the 'collaboration' thing is a partial lie, considering that Owl and the Grapes and SixOhOne are essentially run by the same people. That the event will be a treasure trove of vintage and retro fashion however, is definitely no lie.

In the Green Room housed by SixOhOne, we will be bringing to you all that Cinderalla could have ever wanted. Indeed, we will have food (of the cookie kind), drink (of the BYO kind), The Beach Boys (of the Ipod kind), two cozy cats, a big comfy couch to chill the fuck out on, shoes, bric-a-brac and lots of vintage clothes, mainly of the female genre.

It's the same Saturday as Surry Hills markets so drop down before and/or after to enjoy a laid-back Saturday in our company - we're quite literally just down the street. In fact, we're close to Crown Street, Oxford Street and the City too.

Find us on Level Six of Hibernian House, 342 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills. On the corner of Kippax St, just up from Eddy Avenue, opposite Ding Dong Dang, entry via the Stained Glass sign and next door to the (dodgy) Indian restaurant. Zip up in the lift to level 5 (be patient) and there's a security gate on your right. Head up the stairs and at the top you'll see two doors. We're the one on the left. If you're worried you'll lose yourself, don't. There'll be signs.


Bobby Six said...
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Bobby Six said...

I'll only be there if there are owl biscuits on sale.

That's obviously not true. I'll be there anyway, but owl cookies would be nice.

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