Monday, December 1, 2008

Picking up after you

Excluding a pee and a poop here and there, the man and I spent an entire day last week in the living room. Indeed, we didn't leave the house at all. No, we weren't sick. And we hadn't been grounded by the old man across the road. In fact, we did it by choice - hoping to be productive.

Amongst a few other bits and bobs, including a hand-sewed bow tie, this little owl was a product of the above mentioned day. He was born out of an old pick (or plectrum if you're that kind of reader). Hopefully, this week will find us at the bead store, buying chain and loops and completing the little hoot as a necklace. By Saturday I should have three or four to sell at the Vintage and Retro Pop-up store. Of course, that is if the old man doesn't ground us again.


Anonymous said...

awh he's cute!

julie said...

well worth staying indoors for. in fact, i'm all for staying indoors and being creative.


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