Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Any Colour You Like

We had all been planning to organise a tie dye day since before my first date with Bobby, almost six months ago. I met him in a charity store where I apparently spent twenty minutes trying on all things white and dye-able as he waited, recognising me under the change room door only by my big feet.

Last week, however, we all finally came together in the park to dye all those bits and bobs we've since collected.

While it may have taken a while to get around to, and the leotard I dyed didn't turn out quite how I expected, it was certainly worth it. Lots of clothing blowing away in the wind, dye everywhere, very dirty fingernails, and collectively some awesome clothes, bed sheets and shoes.

Headband: Myer
Top: Charity Store
Bag: Found at my Mother's house, in a box marked 'Emma'
Dress: Hand-me-down from my Mother
Belt: Leftovers from my material box

Photos courtesy of Bobby Townsend and Kerry Lennon.

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Eyeliah @ said...

The tie dye shoes are awesome!

trishhunterfinds said...

Great minds think alike!
Only a couple of months ago I was googling how to tie dye!
I can't wait to do some of my things!!
Your park party seemed to go so well! :)

sammi-lise ^_^ said...

i love tie dye...and congrats on becoming teen vogue girl of the week on the snapshot blog!
i love your style.

Demi said...

wow that looks like so much fun! in the summer I might do it with my friends :)
congratulations on the teen vogue girl of the week! your article was very interesting!

amy said...

added your lovely blog to my blog roll :)

thanks for adding me!
hope to talk to you again

peace and love

SJ said...

you look very cute miss.

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