Sunday, December 28, 2008


Our Christmas tree was a beautiful mess of a broomstick and twigs. The self-made birds sat on the branches as the fairy lights glowed and the star sat happily atop the tip. My presents to Bobby were a painting, diary and URL (we're a modern duo) and my dress was a bright orange vintage thing. It continues to be a wonderful holiday indeed.

Dress: Vintage, I bought half a lady's closet from her earlier in the year and this was one of the treasures. The dress' waist tie is scrunched up and sitting on my head.
Sandles: Local shoe store, Nu & Nan
Belt and old binoculars bag: Anglicare


kelsea said...

hey your blog is adorable!!

Eyeliah @ said...

Great dress - Merry Christmas!

the snail and the cyclops said...

the waist tie looks perfect atop your head!!!

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