Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Teenage Kicks

A few very kind readers let me know that I was featured on the Teen Vogue website this week as Girl of the Week. Here's an extended version, exclusive to Owl and the Grapes. Thanks Teen Vogue and a big sickly sweet (not unlike Santa's breath) welcome to all you new readers.


Anonymous said...

congratulations on this!

I have a question:
when you applied for this, you know the box that says 'enter your message'? do you put all of your interview answers in this (like a story about yourself) or do you wait until they contact you and then answer them?

I would be very grateful if you could help me!
thank you - and have a great christmas!

Owl and the Grapes said...

Thanks Anon, they just emailed me with the questions and I then answered them. So, I suppose, as long as they have your email address I would assume that they will email you the questions. Best of luck!

penelope said...

Hey Emma!

I LOVE your style and your answers! You're genuinely individualistic and your answers are such a fresh change from the others!

Would love to see more outfit shots from you! :D

Bobby Six said...

I suppose I am quite stylistically inspirational. I mean, for example, right now I am slobbing round the house in an old t-shirt and a pair of keyboard-print underpants. If that isn't at the cutting-edge of sartorial elegance then I don't know what is...

Taylor said...

going off of what the first person said,
did you write anything in the box at all?
and congrats! i love your style :)

Anonymous said...

thank you very much :)

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