Friday, April 17, 2009

Bargain Of The Century

There's really very little room in our English bedroom. Bobby sleeps on the floor while I stuff my bags in the cupboard and cram my scarves into a little drawer (yes those things are equally difficult). I'm not at all complaining, it's a lovely, sweet, cozy little room, and it definitely keeps the heat in which, in the European winter, is all you can really ask for, right? But it's a squeeze. Hence, over the next month or so we'll be listing a bunch of Bobby's stuff on eBay in a bid to make more room. So pick something up for yourself or your man and help us spread our wings (for want of a more appropriate limb. I was going to say legs, but that just sounds whorish). Click on the photos below to be taken to the listing. Did I mention all listings start at 99 pence? Awesometown.

This ultra cool Insight T-shirt is most definitely unisex. For a close up of the graphics check out the listing.

H&M grey mens jumper with electric yellow stripes.

Black skinny H&M jeans.

We're selling TWO of these retro diagonally striped shirts in the one 99 pence listing. Happy bidding folks!

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