Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More Bargains Of The Century

Androgyny? Yes please. Fashion doesn't get much more drool-worthy than the perfect oversized men's jumper, or a vintage pair of harem pants with a men's button up. Menstyle is the ultimate style. Good thing too, as we're currently selling seven pieces of pure unisex heaven on the eBay machine. So, get ready to start your bidding ladies and gentlemen and just click on the photos to be taken to the appropriate auctions. As last time, all items start at the irresistable price of 99 pence. And, for that measly amount (which you could very likely find, if you're anything like me, lying abandoned under your couch cushions) you can't really go wrong, can you? Especially when you're looking at seven pieces that will rocket you into menstyle utopia.

We're selling THREE shirts of similar style in the one 99p listing. Not 99p each, 99p for all three.

A pair of never-been-worn Converse All Star in a UK size 8.

A very indie and very cool H&M jumper. Also, I'm not entirely sure why I felt the need to show you that a jumper is unisex. But it is. And, you know, some people lack imagination. Like me.

Last but not least, for all of you kids currently curled into the foetal position in the corner of the basement because you missed out on that incredible yellow and grey striped jumper, never fear. Haul yourself up. You can live again. We've relisted it.

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