Friday, April 3, 2009

London Calling

I just got in after a train ride back to Eastbourne from London. I only have one word to describe the city: Manic. The kind of awesome maniacy that occurs in Manic Street Preachers or The Bangles singing Manic Monday. Not "O.M.G. I'm totally manic. Look! I have two different coloured socks on! Manic!". Well, maybe a little bit. But mostly no.

More to come as soon as I get my arse back into gear. In the meantime, here's some eye candy from the streets and pubs of London.

A child's toy box from 1897.

I totally want a cane.

London ladies amongst the pastels of Portabello Road.

Click on the picture for more detail, the dress was amazing.

It's incredible how ancient the pubs are in Europe. This one made me feel as though I was in an old crime film with muted colours and wonderful fashions.

The Duke of Westminster is rumoured to have emblazoned the Chanel logo on London's lampposts as a letter of love to Coco Chanel. Mr. Bobby, I would like owls on all the lamposts in Eastbourne please.

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Sonya said...

and how do you take your Lapsang Souchong? I actually got some after reading this blog post of yours, Miss Emma, and I just wasn't prepared!!! Luckily, I do like smoked products like smoked bacon, gouda or almonds and I think I could get used to it, especially while eating one of those products as I sip this tea...

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